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Vegetable Curler

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This Vegetable Curler will enable you to quickly and easily make lovely vegetable flowers from cucumbers, zucchini and yellow squash, yams and more. It’s like the carrot curler only larger. See video below. Out of stock.

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With this easy to use tool, you can make beautiful vegetable flower garnishes in seconds. The video below will show you several ways to use your vegetable curler to make a variety of flowers from zucchini, yellow squash and yams. It works a lot like a pencil sharpener.

Watch Video to See How to Use the Vegetable Curler to make lovely vegetable flower garnishes.


You can use the wavy peeler with the vegetable curler to make pretty zig-zagged edged flowers. And you can use flowers made with the carrot curler to place in the center of your vegetable flowers. The possibilities are endless.

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1 review for Vegetable Curler

  1. Sherry Sabatino

    I ordered the vegetable curler and wavy peeler from Nita and it works like magic. It makes beautiful flowers from various vegetables. I’ve used it with carrots and zucchini so far, but there are endless choices I’m sure. Customers think I’m so talented, lol they just don’t know my secret that’s all. I’ve enjoyed using all my tools and dvd’s I’ve ordered from Nita. And again thank you for returning my calls personally, I appreciate it. Thank you Sherry