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Thai Style Pro Carving Knife – Flexible Blade


Excellent Flexible Blade Pro Fruit Carving Knife. This is Nita’s favorite knife for melon carving. Scroll down for more details. Note: We will send preferred color when possible. If we don’t have your color in stock, we will ship another. They are all beautiful. We expect to have these back in stock around May 30, 2021


This is my favorite knife for many carving projects – most especially for Thai style melon & fruit carving.

When I first started carving, I had been using a lesser quality knife of similar design and was having trouble carving small zig-zag patterns. When I first used one of these Thai Pro Carving Knives, I fell in love with it. Wow! This knife was so dramatically better and sharper I could hardly believe it. I had thought my inability to cut the fine pattern was due to my lack of skill. Turns out the sharpness and quality of the blade made a huge difference – for the better.

Thai Pro Flexible blad fruit carving knivesThis knife is very very sharp and makes cutting peeled melons almost like cutting through butter. It’s rounded  handle makes it easy to turn the knife when carving fine details and zig-zag patterns. It’s nice light weight and balance make it a pleasure to work with. And as a bonus, it’s very quite beautiful with its traditional Thai design of vibrant swirling colors on a shiny metallic surface.

These knives are handmade by a master blade craftsman in Thailand where fruit carving is a national art. The flexible blade is made of strong but lightweight stainless steel and is 1 3/4 inches long and is very sharp.

The convenient sheath that protects the blade is made of plastic and is covered with the same colorful Thai design as the handle.

Favored by professional fruit carvers, these are great for intermediate and advance carvers. Beginners can use them as well but should be very careful with them as they are very sharp.

To maintain this knife’s beauty, wash and hand dry carefully with a soft cloth, and replace the sheath to protect the sharp point of the blade (as well as your fingers). Never submerge in a sink full of soapy water because you’ll risk cutting yourself when you reach in the retrieve your knife. Please note that these specialized knives are NOT dishwasher safe.

If you are seeking a gift for an intermediate or experienced fruit carver, these make for valued and appreciated gifts that will provide pleasure for years.

Please be aware that these come is a variety of colors. Due to limited availability, you may request a color but if we don’t have that particular color in stock , we will send you another. They are all beautiful.

Warning: Be aware that there are other similar looking knives on the market, but in my comparison shopping of suppliers, I’ve found none to have as good and as sharp blades with just the right amount of flexibility. Some of these other Thai style fruit carving knives have metal protective caps which makes them seem to be of better quality. However, the most important element of these imposter knives, the blades, are of inferior quality. The knives I choose to carry in my online shop are tested, tried and true. My intention is to save you from wasting money on inferior (and sometimes even useless) fruit carving tools.

If you enjoy carving melons as taught in my lessons, Carving Watermelons Roses Buds and Leaves, Carving Melon Flowers as well as some of my other lessons, you will love this knife. To see specifically which lessons teach how to use this Thai Pro fruit carving knife, click on the “Additional Information” tab above.

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