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Star Flower Watermelon Bowl


Now with FREE BONUS Patterns. Featured on TV, this Star Flower Watermelon Bowl is far superior your mother’s ordinary watermelon basket. This visually striking watermelon bowl is easy enough for beginners. Your friends will be WOWed!


Your Friends will be WOWed when they see your striking Star Flower Watermelon Bowl!

This beautiful Star Flower watermelon bowl was created for, and featured on, Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show.  When I first arrived at the set at Universal Studios and unwrapped my carved watermelon baskets, a bunch of members of the crew crowded around and started taking photos to share with their friends. They ooohed and aaahed. When it came time to rehearse the hosts, guests and cast ooohed and aaahed, too. I know the same will happen for you.

Host Cristina Ferrare with Nita Gill on Hallmark's Home and Family Show

Host Cristina Ferrare with Nita Gill on Hallmark’s Home and Family Show.

Make this lovely watermelon bowl and your friends jaws will drop. They’ll reach for their camera phones. You’ll see.

Closer look at Nita's Star Flower Watermelon Bowl on Hallmark Channel's Home and Family Show

Closer look at Nita’s Star Flower Watermelon Bowl on Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show

The clear step-by-step instructions were created with beginners in mind. This star flower watermelon bowl can be made with only a sharp pointed paring knife. Although these lessons were created with beginners in mind, they are great for any level of carver. No special tools are required. (A U-cutter tool and Thai Pro knife are optional, but not essential).

51 minute Star Flower Watermelon Bowl video lesson, you will see clear close ups and hear descriptions and instructions that will make it easy for you to follow along. If you have seen my other melon carving video instructions, you are already familiar with the quality of my videos.

These Melon Basket Weave lessons are designed to function much like a live class. You will be able to carve along with the video. The questions that you are likely to have are answered as we progress through the lessons. You’ll see how to avoid common mistakes and you’ll see how to fix them. You’ll see how to store your melon bowl so that it’s fresh looking when you are ready to serve it.

star flower pumpkin pattern

The same carving techniques taught in this Star Flower lesson can be used to carve beautiful pumpkins, too. You Star flower pumpkins can be lit from inside. They can used as a vase for an Autumn bouquet of flowers. Or you could use a carved pumpkin to serve soup at the table.

The advantage of these video lessons over live classes is that you always have a front row seat with a clear view and sound. There are no other students to interrupt or distract. And you can review your video lessons any time that you want to refresh your memory.

You are an awesome teacher. Fruit carving has been a hobby for me but I have decided explore it more. The sky is the limit. – Helen Ashuntantang

This star flower watermelon bowl is great any time that watermelons are available. For people in California and Florida, that is pretty much, year round. You can modify this pattern to fit other holidays. Carve stars with five points (instead of the 6 pointed star flowers) and you’ll have a stars and stripes bowl perfect for the 4th of July or Memorial Day. Or, take a look below to see how the same carving techniques can be used to make a gorgeous leaf pattern bowl.

You will experience the satisfaction of creating something beautiful. The envy of your friends will be just an extra added bit of fun.

I just want to thank you ever so much for the classes. I really enjoyed them and have learned so much. … you were right, I received lots of aaahs and ooohs!!! It’s so much fun, I love it and you are such an amazing teacher! I will be ordering your 15 week classes soon! – Cindy Rozich

Thank you, I really appreciate your time and effort for showing me how to do this. I wouldn’t have been able to do It without you! – Arturo Garcia

star flower bowl with melon ball fruit saladWhether you join the DVD version or the ONLINE ONLY version, you will be able to view your lessons in your online membership. That way you can start learning right away before your DVDs arrive. You will find your FREE BONUS within your online membership. And, there is no expiration date so that you can come back and watch any time to refresh your memory.

With my easy to follow, step-by-step video instructions, you’ll be hearing ooohs and aaaahs very soon. (I know that I say this a lot. But it’s only because it’s true!)

I’m writing you to show you how much I benefited from your DVD. …. I really did get lots of OOOHS and AAAAhs!! It was very impressive and people really can’t imagine how easy it is to do it. I started doing a fruit platter business, and thanks to you, I have brought it up to a new level. I am already looking to buy new DVDs from you. Best regards, Perla Wahrhaftig Switzerland

Free Bonus

With the techniques that you will learn, you can also carve this lovely leaf pattern bowl. You can download and print the free pattern for the leaves in your online membership after you join. Printing the leaf pattern onto our Pattern Transfer Fabric makes it super easy to carve.

leaf pattern watermelon bowl

In your online membership, you will also find a printable, downloadable pattern for the leaves AND instructions for how to add a pedestal to your bowl to make it even more elegant.

Another Free Bonus

When you join now, you will also get a free pattern for this stars and strips watermelon bowl. You can make either variation pictured below.

stars stripes watermelon bowl 3D

One variation of the star spangled watermelon bowl idea with 3 dimensional carved stars and stripes

star spangled watermelon bowl

Another variation of the Star spangled watermelon bowl with flat carved stars

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Tools used in this lesson. Only a sharp pointed paring knife is essential. In the video lesson, I used a Victorinox 3.24 inch paring knife. The Thai Pro knife and a medium/large U-Cutter are recommended but entirely optional. You can cut the circles for the flower centers with a sharp pointed paring knife, however, the u-cutter makes it much faster and easier, and make exact. The U-cutter that I use in the video is from our 7 Piece Pro Carving Set. You can also use one from our more economical Smooth U-V cutter set. You can add the tools to your cart using the buttons immediately below in the section titled, “Related Products”.

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