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Poinsettia Watermelon Carving

(4 customer reviews)


Cameras will be snapping when your guests see your beautiful poinsettia carvings! Scroll down to see more information.


Your Carved Poinsettia Watermelons will Delight Your Guests!

You are sure to hear oohs, ahhs and  “Did you really make that?” You’ll smile to yourself with satisfaction when you see them pull out their phones to snap and share pictures of your poinsettia carving. You’ll see.

poinsettia watermelonsLots of customers have been asking for a video showing how to carve these lovely poinsettia watermelon flowers . I ‘m happy to now have this lesson available to you. Now, You’ll be able to add an unexpected bit of WOW to fruit trays, centerpieces and buffet displays.

These lessons are designed to function much like a live class. You will be able to carve along with the video. The questions that you are likely to have are answered as we progress through the lessons. You’ll see common mistakes and you’ll see how to avoid or fix them. And you can review your video lessons any time that you want to refresh your memory. The videos have detailed chapters, so when you want to be reminded of a specific instruction, you’ll be able to find that section of the video quickly and easily.

This poinsettia watermelon pattern is great for the Christmas holiday season or even for “Christmas in July”.  My extended family celebrated Christmas in July at a reunion several years. It was complete with a Christmas dinner and gift exchange. Carved watermelon poinsettias may be the only poinsettias you’ll find in mid summer and would make the perfect decoration.

“Your videos and online lessons are like have you right here with me every cut of the way. I appreciate your dedication to this art!”
Pam Parrish

“I had loved all yours lessons, ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It is always WOW, INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL, (Say my family and friends)
Jenny Valencia”

poinsettia and santa melon arrangement

This poinsettia pattern can be combined with other carvings to make festive arrangements.

These video instructions are intended for those who have completed my earlier lessons or for intermediate carvers who have equivalent melon carving experience. If you are a beginner, I highly recommend my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners as a prerequisite for this poinsettia watermelon lesson. This poinsettia carving lesson can be picked up by first time beginners, but I recommend the 101 Course first to build your basic skills.

“Hi Nita, What makes me very happy is firstly, seeing what I’ve created. Then comes the comments from people when they see my creations. I have so much to thank you for, that words alone cannot describe it. Sometimes I don’t believe that I just carved this. It is amazing what you can do just by believing in yourself,and getting help & encouragement from others who inspire you. Again, I say many thanks to you and God bless.”
– Harry Debideen (West Indies)

“I am so excited for these beautiful artistic expressions that I can create. Thanks once more.”
Vivian Takehrvivian

“Thank you so much.  Your lessons are wonderful and easy. ”
Hong Mai

watermelon poinsettia top view

This 1 hour and 23 minute Poinsettia Watermelon Carving video lesson will show you exactly how, step-by-step to carve 2 variations of poinsettias. You will see clear close ups and hear descriptions and instructions that will make it easy for you to follow along. If you have seen my other melon carving video instructions, you are already familiar with the quality of my videos.

This poinsettia watermelon video lesson is available on DVD. You will also get ONLINE ACCESS as well so that you can start learning before your DVD arrives in the mail. Or you can get the ONLINE only version. It’s your choice.

In both the DVD and the online lessons, the chapters are clearly marked in sections so that you can easily find and review any chapter at any time. And there is no expiration date for the online video.

With my easy to follow, step-by-step video instructions, you’ll be making your own poinsettia watermelon carvings very soon.

Get Your Poinsettia Watermelon Video Lessons Now!

DVD version

DVDs come with online access so that you can start learning right away before your DVDs arrive

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ONLINE only version is ready now!

There is no expiration date for the online access.

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Ooohs and Aaaahs are guaranteed. You’ll be hearing them soon. You’ll see.

60 day money back guarantee

There are 2 specialized tools you will need for this lesson. You will need one small or medium small U-cutter and a Thai Pro Knife. If you don’t already have them, you can add the tools to your court using the buttons below in the section titled, “Related Products”. The peeling knife is optional. The needed U-cutter can be from either the Smooth U-V cutter set or the 7 Piece Pro set. Either will do.

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4 reviews for Poinsettia Watermelon Carving

  1. Parisa

    Thank you Nita for great instruction on how to carve beautiful watermelon Poinsettia flower . you are absolutely the best and know how to demonstrate easy step by step instruction . words can not convey my appreciation to you , So happy to come across your website . Happy Holiday !

  2. Liana B.-

    Dear Nita,
    Thank you for the Holiday inspirations and the recent Poinsettia Watermelon Carving video- it came right on time for me for this time of the year.
    I have again tried my hand at a Poinsettia carving following your new online course, and I came up with this centerpiece I brought for my neighbors holiday party – again, lots of ooohh, and aaaahhs :).
    Liana's first carved watermelon poinsettia
    Your instructions are very clear and the close ups, the quality of the recordings are exceptional..
    I find it is very good how you bridge over the different levels of difficulty that fill some of the gaps for the less experienced.
    The availability of the video on line also makes a big difference also – it is very convenient and I was able to start carving right away after watching it –
    I recommended your site to other quests who were amazed at the results – some of the compliments I have gotten were “I have only seen this kind of carving by master chefs, at culinary exhibitions!”-
    I know it wasn’t perfect 🙂 -also from your instructions, I can see my mistakes and places I can improve – and I promise I will keep practicing, and keep looking up at the wonderful inspirations you have on your website.
    Thank you again for enabling bringing more beauty and inspiration to my family and friends special celebrations!
    Wishing you and your beloved Very Happy Holidays! and all the best for the New Year, 2015! ,
    Liana B

  3. Strato C


    New Zealand

    Dear Nita

    I have now been carving for over a year and up to recently was only carving freehand designs rather than structured patterns.

    However your poinsettia watermelon carving video inspired me to try the structured patterns and I have been very pleased with the results.

    I would thoroughly recommend the videos to any new carvers as they are very easy to follow and your teaching style is very user friendly.

    I have also found the purchase of the purpose made knives and tools, which I have purchased from your shop, have made a great difference to the finer details of the carvings. These have been well appreciated by family and friends, some of whom now also have the carving bug.

    Best Wishes
    Strato C

  4. Richard Testani

    I refer back to this lesson every year and really enjoy carving the Poinsettia flowers so much and with your teaching it is perfect results every time. Everyone should have this in their collection of lessons.