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Pattern Transfer Sampler


Sampler pack of both the Pattern Transfer Paper and the Pattern Transfer Fabric. Both make transferring your  pattern faster and make carving easier. Try both to see which one you prefer. Scroll down to see video and details. Click here to view.


Can’t decide whether to get the Pattern Transfer Paper or the Pattern Transfer Fabric? Get this Pattern Transfer Sampler pack so that you can try them both.

Both the Pattern Transfer Fabric and the Pattern Transfer Paper make it faster than ever to transfer your patterns to your pumpkins or watermelons. As a result, you’ll be able to carve more accurately and end up with very professional looking carvings. You’ll see. From carved portraits to custom words and graphics, you’re watermelon and pumpkin carvings will be the talk of the party.

With the Pattern Transfer Paper and the Pattern Transfer Fabric, you print your pattern, put in on your pumpkin or watermelon, then carve. This video will illustrate the differences.


Rather read about how are the two different? Click here to see a .PDF with details about how they differ.

In a nutshell here is how they differ.

  1. The Transfer Fabric requires fewer steps than the Transfer Paper.
  2. The Paper requires graphics with words be ‘flipped’ horizontally before printing so that they will read correctly when carved. The Fabric does not need this step.
  3. Because the Transfer Fabric goes onto your melon or pumpkin ink side up, it’s easier to see where to best position it on your fruit.
  4. The Fabric is easier to reposition if needed when you first place it on your melon or pumpkin.
  5. The Fabric is more economically priced
  6. The Fabric is water soluble which has it’s benefits and drawbacks.
    1. The benefit is that you can rinse away the remnants of your pattern when you are done carving.
    2. The disadvantage is that if your pumpkin “bleeds” when cut, in other words moisture appears when you cut into the rind, that moisture can cause parts of your pattern to dissolve. This is not a problem when carving bold, simple designs. However, it can be a problem when you carve complex graphics and multi-toned portraits.

When Should You Use Which?

The Fabric is a great all watermelon carving and for simple bold graphics on pumpkins. You can even carve simple portraits on pumpkins, too. Because of it’s water solubility, it is NOT best for detailed patterns on juicy pumpkins.

When you are carving patterns with lots of small details onto pumpkins, I recommend the Paper because moisture will NOT cause parts of the pattern to dissolve before your are done carving. In addition, the Paper can be used to carve just about anything.

With this sampler, you’ll get some of both the paper and the fabric and you will be able to experience the differences yourself. Whichever you end up preferring, you will love how much easier it becomes to create great carvings. And, you’ll be back for more.

Two of the best companion lessons to go with the Transfer Pattern Paper and Fabric are Carving Letters and Words video lessons and my Portrait Carving Course.

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