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Pattern Transfer Fabric

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This easy to use pattern transfer fabric makes carving graphics faster and easier. Print any pattern of your choice, adhere to your pumpkin or watermelon and you are ready to carve. You’ll love your professional looking results! Scroll down to see video and details.


This fantastic Pattern Transfer Fabric makes it faster than ever to transfer your patterns to your pumpkins or watermelons. Because the Pattern Transfer Fabric makes it much easier to carve and give you an accurate pattern to follow, you will get more professional looking results when compared to old fashioned methods of transferring your patterns. You are gonna love it! And your custom carvings will be the hit of the party.

Here is how the Pattern Transfer Fabric works

Here are basic steps to transfer any pattern using the Pattern Transfer Fabric:

  1. Print any pattern of your choice using an inkjet or laser printer.
  2.  Trim the excess off your pattern.
  3. Adhere the pattern fabric to your pumpkin or watermelon.
  4. Carve your pattern.

It’s so simple! The pattern on your pumpkin or watermelon makes it super easy to accurately carve – like tracing. The few dollars spent on this remarkable Pattern transfer paper will be more than worth the time you will save and the professional looking carving results that you will have. You’ll see…and you’ll be back for more. : )

The video below contains more detailed instructions.


Our Pattern Transfer Fabric requires fewer steps and therefore is easier to use than our Pattern Transfer Paper. The Fabric is recommended for carving just about any graphic onto watermelons and for carving simple bold patterns onto pumpkins. However, because the Transfer Pattern Fabric is water soluble, the Pattern Transfer Paper is recommended when carving juicy pumpkins with detailed patterns.

Not sure which to try? Try a sampler pack with 5 sets each of both the Pattern Transfer Paper and Fabric.

For instructions on how to create your own carving patterns and how to Carve Letters and Words, check out my Carving Letters and Words video lessons.

To see lessons that utilize the Pattern Transfer Paper, click on the “Additional Info” tab above the first video.

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2 reviews for Pattern Transfer Fabric

  1. Ric Testani

    I can not really express what a life saver this is to me. I am a garnishee chef, and I carve every day all day. I have done more Logo’s then I can count and more then I can remember. You recommended I try this Transfer Fabric and WOW… This has cut off 2 hours of every carving so far today it has saved me a little over 4 hours on just 2 watermelon carvings. You just get your Image, copy it, size it, and Print it on the fabric, peel off the paper backing, stick it on the melon, and go to work. WOW! What a major time saver this is. Just “AWESOME”. I can not imaging not having this Transfer Fabric. Nita you are truly the best. How you found this I don’t know but please never discontinue selling this until I retire.

    I can’t thank you enough for recommending this to me.

    Ric Testani
    Exquisite Catering by Robert

  2. Reva

    A real time saver! Works like a charm! Can’t find anywhere else so keep on selling it please!

    • Nita Gill

      Glad you find it useful and timesaving!