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Nita’s 17 Lesson Collection – Video Instructions


Save $103 by getting 17 sets of video lessons in one package. (Includes all our lessons except Portrait Course and our newest Poinsettia, Basket Weave, and Star Flower lessons). Certification Available. 


Nita’s 17 Lesson Collection – Video Instructions

Certification Available.

This is the Best Value for Lessons! Offered for a Limited Time.

Can’t decide which lessons to get first? Why not get most all of them? This is a great value an will save you $103.74 over purchasing lessons as 101 course plus the  6 lesson sets beyond the 101 Course.  This collection includes most all of my lessons (except the Portrait Carving Lessons and our newest Poinsettia and Basket Weave and Star Flower lessons).

What is included in the 17 Lesson Collection?

It starts with the Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners which will get you started with easy garnishes and fruit bouquets and will lead you step-by-step all the way to carving beautiful Thai style watermelons with patterns of Roses, Buds and Leaves.

fruit and vegetable carvings from Nita's 101 Course for Beginners

Some of the carvings taught in the 101 Course for Beginners

You’ll be getting ooohhs and aaaahs from your very first carvings. This is an 11 DVD set with over 8 hours of video instructions. $199 for DVDs or $149 Online Only. You can see all the details of what is taught in the Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for beginners by clicking here.

“Never believed a DVD could be so powerful. I felt like you were in front of me in my own kitchen.
Panayiota Thoma”

“I have just started my little event decorating business. This is a passion of mine which with your help I am trying to pursue. At first as you might remember, I was skeptical in purchasing the program, I am in my second week and from the minute I received my tools I started and I have never been happier. This is the best thing I did for my carrier. Your videos are simple, clear and excellent. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for being honest . You deliver what you promised and in this day and age, that is extremely valuable, to come across someone who delivers what she promised , and much more. I pray for your success, you have the skills and you deserve it. Manda Vassigh”

Melon carving designs taught in "Carving Melon Flowers - Smooth and Jagged Petals" lessons

Melon carving designs taught in “Carving Melon Flowers – Smooth and Jagged Petals” lessons

The Carving Melon Flowers – Smooth and Jagged Petals lessons expand upon your skills that you learn in the 101 Course. You will be doing more intermediate melon carving techniques. This DVD contains two full lessons on one DVD. It contains 1 hour and 41 minutes of detailed step-by-step instruction that will have you carving melons so well your friends won’t believe that you carved them. These techniques can be used on any type of melon, papayas, mangoes and more. To see more details about what is taught in this lesson set click here. Normally $39.95

Carvings taught in Hearts and Roses lessons

Fruit and Vegetable Carvings taught in Nita’s Hearts and Roses Video Instructions

Hearts and Roses – this lesson set shows how to make 4 different fruit and vegetable carvings. Because this DVD was created to help beginners get started easily, no special tools are required for these lessons. Just a sharp pointed paring knife. And, you can use fruits and vegetables that you are likely to have in your pantry. You will learn how to made a rose bouquet from beets and turnips, swans from apples, ribbon flowers from leeks and heart carved oranges. Running time of 75 minutes. Normally $26.95

In Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2 you will learn to make 3 different beautiful and impressive cakes from watermelon starting with a super easy design. Then you will progress to learning how to carve a fun Happy Birthday Cake. For the third cake, you will learn an intricate design that you will discover is easier than it looks, once you are show how in my lessons. Besides being unexpected and beautiful, watermelon cakes are a healthy alternative to real cakes. No gluten, no artery clogging fat, no processed flour, and no refined sugar. Just the pure and simple joy of sweet fresh watermelon and other fruits. You’ll find, like so many of my students who have made watermelon cakes have discovered, that many people prefer eating them over regular sugar and fat loaded cakes.

Nita's watermelon cakes

Carved watermelon cake designs taught In Nita’s Video Lessons – “Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2”

Your watermelon cakes are guaranteed to get exclamations of delight. The easy watermelon cake is like the one that got me started in fruit carving in the first place. This lesson set consists of 2 DVDs with a total time of 2 hours and 27 minutes. Regularly $39.95.

I produced Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang to introduce another style of carving (and teaching) to my students/customers. In it, Jimmy Zhang shows how to carve 3 different complete vegetable bouquets with melon vases. They are stunningly colorful and lovely. You will pick up more skills and ideas that will allow you to mix and match to come up with arrangements of your own. 1 DVD with 1 hr. 26 minutes run time. Regularly $39.95.

3 veggie bouquets taught in Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang

Fruit and vegetable carving bouquets taught in “Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang” video lessons

“I LOVE the way you teach, you take your time explaining the RIGHT and the WRONG way of doing every step and the DOS and DON’T of every step. Gloria Morales”

“Most comprehensive video for carving anywhere. Jerry Ward”

“Hello Nita I received the melon carving dvd And boy am I impressed… You are the clearest instructor,I quickly discovered what I was doing wrong,and you made making leaves and buds as well completing easy. Thanks….. Chef Robert”

Scroll Pattern carving watermelon pattern taught in Nita's video lessons

Watermelon Scroll pattern as seen from the top

The video lesson, Watermelon Carving Scroll Pattern was created in response to all the requests that I got to teach how to carve the watermelon that was featured in my prize winning undersea garden fruit carving display. It is an intermediate/advanced technique intended for those who have already learned to carve watermelons in my earlier lessons. This beautiful carving design add extra pizzazz and beauty to any fruit carving display or fruit tray.

Watermelons carved with letters and words

Essential Letter Carving Taught in Carving Letters and Words Essential Techniques #1

Carving Letters and Words #1, #2 and #3 is another lesson set that I created in response to popular request. This one is easy enough for beginners. For those with carving experience, you will find tricks and tips to make carving words and letters faster and easier. Carving cursive writing is also covered in this lesson set. The skills learned in Carving Letters and Words #1, #2 and #3 are super useful for carving watermelons for all sorts of events from weddings to birthdays. Melons carved with words are a client favorite for people who offer there carving services for profit. You will have a lot of fun learning and your will have success with your carvings. Besides the admiration of your guests, you’ll also experience the joy of creative satisfaction. You’ll see. And, once you learn the carving techniques taught in all of these lessons, you will find it much easier to get value from previously incomprehensible carving books. You’ll be able to look at many designs and photos and easily figure out how to duplicate those kinds of carvings. This collection is over 20 hours of detailed, easy to follow instructions that will have you carving successfully. You can pay much more than this for 1 day of fruit carving lessons with far less instructional time. And, there is no way that you could learn and retain all that my DVDs teach in a one day live class. Better than a live class, with these video lessons you always have a front row seat and can play back any sections that you like whenever you want. It’s great way to learn. All 17 of Nita’s lesson sets are included except Nita’s Portrait Carving Course and our newest Poinsettia, Basket Weave and Star Flower lessons.

Once you know the carving techniques in this collection, you will be truly be carving like a pro with Oooohs and Aaaahs guaranteed!

17 Lesson All Access Pass includes: On DVD (with online access) ONLINE only
Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course $199.00 149.00
Hearts and Roses $26.95 $22.95
Carving Melon Flowers $39.95 $34.95
Watermelon Cakes $39.95 $34.95
Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang $39.95 $34.95
Carving Letters and Words #1, 2 and 3 $69.97 $54.97
Watermelon Carving Scroll Pattern $34.97 $29.97
Regular Total $450.74 $361.74
17 Lesson Set Savings $347 – a $103.74 savings DVDs $258.000 – a $103.74 savings Online version

“You rock! At times you make me feel as though you know me personally when teaching. Thanks! Vandoria” “The video lessons are really great. My daughter bought a set for me when I visited her in the US and from the moment I opened one video, I got hooked and I haven’t stopped carving since. The instructions are clear and interesting and fun to learn. VERONICA WIREDU”

Get Your 17 Lesson Collection Now!

Certificate of completion will be provided to those students who send photos of all the completed projects in the course. Certificate is suitable for framing with embossed gold seal.

17 Lesson Collection on 20 DVDs. This is a $103.74 savings!

DVDs come with online access so that you can start learning before your DVDs arrive.

$347.00Add to cart

ONLINE only version. This is a $103.74 savings!

There is no expiration date for online access.

$258.00Add to cart

The content of the lessons in the same on the DVDs and the ONLINE lessons. There is no expiration date with your online membership. You can review your lessons any time at your convenience.

60 day money back guarantee

“I absolutely love the lessons and ideas. Katheleen Pappas”

“I like the way in instruct and then give us time to carve. You give good details and seeing up close helps Reda McCrary”

“I love that you go through making common mistakes because I usually find that people who are experienced in a skill area forget the basics. But you make the student feel like you understand the level they are at and you are there to support them. Jana Phung”

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