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Corrugated U-Cutter Set


Fun and Easy fruit carving tools. Scroll down to see video and more details. See the “Additional Info” tab for lessons that go well with these tools.

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Fun Fruit Carving Tools

Many of my customers have asked me where they can get the tools that I use in my free video showing how to make a bouquet of flowers from radishes. They are not easy to find in stores in most parts of the world. So, I offer them here on my site. Watch the video for more details or just click below to order now.

Corrugated U-Cutter Set

These fun and easy to use tools have corrugated cutting edges and they make U shaped cuts. So, they are called corrugated U cutters.

They enable you to make intricate carvings with a fraction of the effort it would take to get the same results by hand. They also give you more consistency in the size and shape of your cuts.

Here a just few of the types of vegetable and fruit carvings that you can make using them.

watermelon, yam and turnip flowers made with corrugate u-cutters

radish bouquet made with corrugated u-cutters


To order yours, simply click on the link below.

Lessons to go with Corrugated U-Cutters.

To see the lessons that use the Corrugated U-Cutters, see the section near the bottom of this page named, “You May Also Like ….  You can be having fun making beautiful carvings very soon!

Review of Corrugated U-Cutter Fruit Carving Tools

When I was looking for corrugated U cutters for vegetable and fruit carving, I shopped around. To save you the time, trouble and expense of doing the same, the video below will show you what I found and why I’m choosing to offer these particular U cutter fruit carving tools.

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