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Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves

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This is where to start learning Thai Style Melon Carving. Great for beginners. Oohs and aahs guaranteed. Scroll down to see more.


Learn to carve watermelon into beautiful works of art that will WOW your friends and family.

watermelon roses, buds and leavesEasy to follow watermelon carving video lessons give you thorough, step-by-step instructions on how to carve roses, buds and leave onto watermelons in the Thai style. It is excellent for beginners who want to learn to carve watermelon and for intermediate carvers who want to refine their technique. Eliminate the frustration of learning by trial and error. Get real time instructions and advice on clear high quality video. Detailed 97 minute step-by-step video instructions will show you the secrets of carving graceful delicate petals (3 styles), leaves and rosebud patterns. You will see common mistakes to avoid and how to fix them. You’ll learn how to keep your melon carvings fresh and much more. I’ll teach you the same way that I learned from my teacher.  This video is like watching over my shoulder with detailed instructions of what to do as well as common mistakes to avoid. What is even better about the lesson on video compared to a live lesson, is that you get close up views, never miss out on anything, and can watch and review the video at your convenience. Even years from now, if you’ve forgotten, you can always relearn by watching the video again. With that in mind, the DVD is divided into chapters to make it easy for you to find any section that you may want to review.

“Hello Nita I received the melon carving dvd And boy am I impressed.. You are the clearest instructor,I quickly discovered what I was doing wrong,and you made making leaves and buds as well completing easy Thanks…..- Chef Robert”

4 examples of melons carved with roses, buds and leaves

Melons carved with patterns that you will learn in this DVD – Carving Watermelons

Here are the chapters that you will find in this DVD.   

  1. Getting Started with the Basics – how to comfortably hold your melon in place while carving.
  2. Tools that you will need.
  3. Two options for peeling and two options for carving.
  4. Advantages of two different fruit carving knives.
  5. How to peel your melon – 2 ways
  6. How the thickness of the rind will effect the look of your carved roses.
  7. Beginning the first rose
  8. Carving the inward petals of the first rose
  9. Carving the outer petals of the first rose (wavy)
  10. How to carve your petals for a delicate graceful look
  11. Adding a second rose so that petals come together nicely with the first rose
  12. Common mistakes to avoid when starting your roses and how to fix them.
  13. Making the inner petals of the second rose.
  14. Outer petals of second rose (straighter)
  15. Demonstration of some common mistakes to avoid that lead to a chunkier less attractive rose.
  16. Adding a third rose with jagged edged petals.
  17. Tip for new users of Thai style knife.
  18. Words of advice
  19. Cutting out roses to use as garnishes or on top of a watermelon “cake”.
  20. Carving leaves into pattern.
  21. Adding veins to leaves.
  22. roses carved into honeydew, watermelon and mango

    Roses carved into honeydew, watermelon and mango

    Carving rosebuds into your watermelon.

  23. Carving with green edges.
  24. Carving a honeydew rose surrounded by buds.
  25. Finishing the edges of your carved honeydew melon (smooth).
  26. Finishing the edges of your carved watermelon (zig zag).
  27. Positioning your completed honeydew and watermelon carvings for display.
  28. Variations of completed fruit carvings with rose patterns.
  29. How to store your carvings to maintain freshness.
  30. How long you can expect your fruit carvings to last.
  31. How they look a 1 day old, 5 days old and 6 days old.
  32. Nita’s closing words of advice.

These stunning melon carvings are not difficult to do once you know how. After watching and carving along with the this video, you will be carving watermelons and other fruits with beautiful rose patterns.

1st watermelon rose carving by Avi Livne

“Dear Nita … Thank you so much, every thing was really very clearly, your method is wonderfull !!! You can see my first watermelons here. I really enjoying from my new hobby : Water melon carving and get a lot of WOW’S from all of my friends and my family. Thanks again
– Avi Livne” – Israel

Your friends will be amazed! You will even impress yourself!

Get Your Watermelon Carving – Roses, Buds and Leaves

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Oh and by the way, this lesson sold separately is also lesson # 11 in the Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 – Eleven Week Course for Beginners. You will need a fruit carving knife for this lesson. If you already have the Kom Kom fruit carving knife in the 3 knife set, it will work fine. However, the Thai Pro Flexible blade knife is the one I prefer for this type of carving because it is so very sharp and easy to maneuver like a pen or pencil. To add to your cart, see the section below titled, “Related Products”. 

Ali Tahir Butt with his first kabocha quash carved with roses

Tahir Ali Butt

Hi Nita, Thanks to your rose carving video, I attempted this pumpkin. ….I believe I have found a new hobby. Regards, Ali from Sydney Australia” – Tahir Ali Butt – Australia


Closer look at Ali’s 1st carved roses in kabocha squash

1st watermelon roses by Janelle Hamland

Janelle Hamland’s first watermelon roses.

Hi Nita, Just wanted to send you a picture of my first watermelon carving.  Not perfect but did turn out nice and everyone was very impressed.  Thank you for making your easy to follow instructions and videos.  You truly can get great results right away!!! Thanks, Janelle” – Janelle Hamland- Wisconsin

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  1. Kathy

    Wonderful! Easy to follow and great instructions. See my review on the 101 and 201 course reviews on all the video products.