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Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang

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Amaze your guests with 3 stunning vegetable and fruit bouquets. Scroll down for more details.


Daisy bouquet by Jimmy made from a variety of root vegetablesIn order to bring my customers something different, I produced a video with the talented Jimmy Zhang. Chef Jimmy Zhang is a very skilled vegetable carving artist and is known as one of the best in the United States. Jimmy learned his carving skills in China and has been teaching fruit and vegetable carving since 1993.

In this DVD, Jimmy Zhang shares with us some of his techniques that are great for beginners as well as other carvers who want to expand their carving repertoire.

carrot flower bouquet in cantaloupe vaseMuch of what you will learn in Jimmy Zhang’s DVD lessons is perfect for chefs who need to create beautiful carvings in limited time. Once you know how to make carrot flowers, you can make them quickly and make about 10 flowers per carrot. The cantaloupe lotus “vase” with the heart carved pedestal  taught in this DVD can be made quickly in about 10 minutes and will add lots of WOW factor to your food displays.

For chefs and caterers, you’ll have time efficient carvings you can add to make and party of food display more memorable. Radish flower bouquet in cantaloupe vaseWith your new skills in creating lovely centerpieces, you’ll have another profitable product to offer your customers. You’ll stand out from the crowd when you can offer these extraordinary special touches to your food presentation.

These lessons are just as valuable to the home cook. Your guests will certainly feel special when you create these centerpieces for them to marvel over.

Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, your guests will be surprised and amazed. And, they will tell their friends!

What will you learn with Jimmy Zhang?

In this one hour and 26 minute, step-by-step video lesson, Jimmy Zhang will show you how to make 3 complete beautiful centerpieces. You will learn 5 types of flowers carved from radishes, turnips and carrots and you will learn to make 3 different simple yet dramatic melon vases.

Jimmy ZhangJimmy Zhang will introduce you to several interesting types of produce that you may not have been aware of and you’ll find out where you can get them. And you will see several different variations of greens and fillers that you can use to finish your centerpieces.

You will be able to use the techniques learned here with other types of vegetables and when you mix and match your new skills you will come up with all kinds of creative arrangements that will amaze your friends and family.

The carving techniques in “Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang” are different than what you’ve seen in Nita’s other VegetableFruitCarving videos and if you like the quality of the material and the teaching in Nita’s other videos, you will love this set of video lessons, too.

These video instructions have chapters to make it super easy for you to find any specific part of the lessons that you would like to review.

The video below will give you a peek behind the scenes. When Jimmy and I were washing the veggies in preparation for making this video, I thought they were so pretty that was set them all up on the table to photograph them. Take a look at how these colorful fruits and vegetable were transformed into beautiful flowers.

In these video lessons, You Will Learn:Vegetable Bouquets by Jimmy Zhang

  1. The tools needed for creating these beautiful centerpieces
  2. Best practices to avoid injuring yourself when using tools
  3. Basic tool and knife handling skills that will help you in all types of produce carving
  4. How to carve two different styles of radish flowers. These carving techniques can also be used with baby carrots and other root vegetables
  5. How to make your radish flowers “bloom
  6. Jimmy Zhang will show you how to carve a lovely pedestal cantaloupe lotus design that can be used on it’s own or as a vase
  7. How add carved heart decorations to your melon vase
  8. Jimmy Zhang will show you how to assemble your radish flower bouquet
  9. Jimmy Zhang will show you how to add your radish flower bouquet to your melon vase and hold it securely
  10. How to carve daisies from root vegetables and how to help retain their color
  11. How to carve centers for your daisies
  12. Jimmy Zhang will show you how to assemble your Daisy Bouquet
  13. How to carve another fast and simple melon vase
  14. Jimmy Zhang will show you how to put the finishing touches on your daisy bouquet and melon vase
  15. Jimmy will show you how to carve plain carrot flowers
  16. Learn to carve fancy carrot flowers – both techniques can be applied to daikon and other root veggies
  17. How to add centers to your carrot flowers
  18. How to assemble your carrot flowers
  19. Jimmy will show you how to create a modern free form vase from Hami melon
  20. Jimmy Zhang will show you how to cut “pop out” buttons to decorate your melon vase
  21. Jimmy Zhang will show you how to complete your carrot flower arrangement with Hami melon vase.

With the skills and techniques that you learn from Jimmy Zhang, you will come up with new arrangements of you own that are guaranteed to get OOOhhhhs and AAAAaaahs from your guests.

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Here is a video showing how you can use the carving technique for carrot flowers taught in Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang and change up the look by using other vegetables and fruits.

In the video below, Jimmy shows us the produce that we will be using in “Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang”

Get your Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang DVD now.

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  1. Ric Testani

    This lesson gets your creative juices really moving. Watching and learning form you and Jimmy Zhang how to make the flowers and the vases to put the flowers in, has been very helpful in making centerpieces for many of the different events we do. I have also used this lesson to make several centerpieces for my own home and small gatherings. I really enjoyed this lesson and would recommend this for those that enjoy entertaining and being creative.