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Sand Sculptures | Fun in the Sun

Summer Sand Sculptures Castle

Building sand castles and sculptures is a classic summer activity

In the spirit of celebrating summer, I thought you might enjoy some photos of amazing sand sculptures. Playing in the sand is such a classic summer activity and makes for great family fun. And just like fruit carving, sand carving is a wonderful artistic and creative outlet. Isn’t it a satisfying feeling to make a beautiful and original image out of plain sand or a simple watermelon? Carving and sculpting are so much fun!

Well, to kick off summer, check out some of these photos of sand sculptures from around the world. Maybe you’ll get some ideas for making your own sandy creations while you’re having fun with your family this summer!

Photos of Amazing Sand Sculptures Around the World

These awe-inspiring sand sculptures were made by some of the most talented sand carvers from around the world. Take a look!

The first three photos were taken in Algarve, Portugal during the International Sand Sculpture Festival, known as Fiesa.

Algarve Fiesa Sand Sculptures

Impressive sand carvings for Fiesa – Portugal’s Annual International Sand Sculpture Festival

Fiesa Festival Sand Sculptures

Fiesa Sand Sculptures in Portugal

This next photo is of a thought provoking sand sculpture, called Life Cycle, created by Susanne Ruseler and B. Donghae in South Korea.

Sand Sculptures Korea

“Life Cycle” Sand Sculpture by Susanne Ruseler and B. Donghae in South Korea

Here is another sand sculpture by Susanne Ruseler and B. Schagen, made in the Netherlands.

Sand Sculptures by Susanne Ruseler and B. Schagen

“Rembrandt and the Girl” Sand Sculpture by Susanne Ruseler and B. Schagen in the Netherlands

I love this next photo for its “Rags to Riches” story. This is one of the many spectacular sand carvings by Sudarsan Pattnaik from India. As an impoverished youngster, Sudarsan Pattnaik would go to his local beach to build sand castles. Little did he know that one day his talent would make him famous and wealthy!

Sand Sculptures by

Sand Sculpture by Sudarsan Pattnaik from India, who turned his “hobby” into a professional and lucrative career


Check out the 2012 Master Sand Sculptures Competition in Hampton Beach

The 12th annual Master Sand Sculpting Competition just took place recently in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire on June 23, 2012. Check out the winning sculptures:

Carl Jara Sand Sculptures Hampton Beach

“Continuum” By Carl Jara – 1st Place

Mark Lepire Sand Sculptures Hampton Beach

“Hell’s Sandbox” by Marc Lepire – 2nd Place

Sand Sculptures by Chris Guinto Hampton Beach

“The Thing” by Chris Guinto – 3rd Place

Karen Fralich Sand Sculptures

“Chaos + Order” by Karen Fralich – 4th Place

5th place Sand Sculptures by Michel Lepire

“Metamorphosis” by Michel Lepire – 5th Place


Have Fun Making Your Own Sand Sculptures This Summer

I hope you enjoyed the photos of sand sculptures from the around the world and from the Master Sand Sculpting Competition. They make me want to go out to the beach with some carving tools and sculpt. Although my sand sculptures may not be quite as grand as the ones we saw in the photos!

If you enjoyed the sand sculpture photos, you’ll really love the ice carving and snow sculpture photos I’ve featured on my blog. Just check out these previous posts:

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And of course, if you want to check out fruit and vegetable carving, feel free to browse my blog for photos, ideas and tips.  Have fun creating your own unique sand sculptures this summer!

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