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Here are only some of the many responses I’ve received from people who get my emails with sample lessons, photos, ideas and more.

I always enjoy these tidbits.
Ron Chow

Thank you for the lesson and video. You are very easy to understand and the use of “laymen terms” works very well for me. I am excited to try my hand at making a fruit bowl.
Thanks again, and happy carving!
Dee Jones

I just want to thank you ever so much for the free classes. I really enjoyed them and have learned so much. I have attached pictures of what I have done so far. I still need lots of practice, especially on the striped watermelon bowl, but you were right, I received lots of aaahs and ooohs!!! It’s so much fun, I love it and you are such an amazing teacher! I will be ordering your 15 week classes soon!
Cindy Rozich

Hi and thank you. What a delight to see such beautiful artistry… Unbelievable!. Such a delight to see such beauty. Love your updates.
Mary Ann Lauro

Awesome creative ideas.
V McClain

Hi Nita, I am grateful that i found your website. I did a wonderful bouquet of radishes for my girlfriend. She thinks am a master fruit artist. More points for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Godwin Olingo! – Kenya

Hi Nita…I would like to thankful to you …for Ur regular updates
…through one of Ur updates idea for fruit cake….yesterday my hubby’s birthday…n I was bored with that regular chocolate cake…I thought
…let me try it….I Went to market n buy fruits n made it…really it’s so lovely n different…everyone impressed by me with this new innovative cake….n said it’s different n healthy cake.
Most important my husband loved it lot…
All Thx to u…just through u…I made that.”
Mona Bhavsar

Thank you for your great ideas and videos.
Ernesto Moreno

Hi Nita,
It (the radish bouqet lesson) was really awesome. I have been carving for my friends on their parties or special occasions and even at the church but I am still open to learn new ideas and new carving techniques. The radish bouquet really awesome in fact it convinced me this morning to order the 11 week online video course with the DVD set including the carving knife, sponsored by my and employer and friends.
I am looking forward to learn more and have fun with this course.
Liway Cuadra

Hi Nita, THANK YOU you have made me the HAPPIEST person EVER yes that is what I wanted you made my day, month and year with that e-mail and it came at the right time since I was depress about a family problem but you are just what I needed to snap back in my book you are NUMBER ONE and you are also an ANGEL ON EARTH by giving a lot of people your talent and your time GOD BLESS YOU and once more THANK YOU.
Gloria Morales.

I just love all these inspirational ideas. What a wonderful website. I get so excited to see what’s next.
Thanks so much, Marcie Jaworski

Hi Nita. I m so happy to get ur watermelon cake lesson.I made one for my home party! It was so beautiful..everybody praised it and it was the center of attraction!! I’m getting all these ooh. ..only because of u. Thank u sooooo much!
Seema Dowerah

Hi Nita, I very much enjoy viewing all of your carving e-mails. In the next few weeks I will place an order for some tools.
I’m in Australia, New South Wales. Thank you so much for your beautiful, easy demonstrations of carvings. I appreciate your time and I will be in touch re tools I need to purchase.
Thank you, Regards, Sue”
-Sue Bettridge

Hi Nita
I am really pleased and totally thankful for the videos that you keep sending me. These videos are of great value and use to me since they help me make every meal better than the other for my family.
Thank you for being such a kind person,
Narges Izadi

First off, You are incredible, I absolutely adore your uncanny brilliant masterpieces. I’m a banquet Chef at a Country Club. There, I arrange and execute several buffets and catered functions. You have motivated and transcended direct vision and confidence upon my entire culinary psyche. Much respect peace and love you are indeed a Phenomenal Woman, many blessings.
Eternally shocked and amazed,
Quintin Douglas Burnett

“When I saw your fruit and veggie carving, my eyes opened wide and a big toothy smile came to my face! I always wanted to learn how to carve, but I NEVER expected to see such unique and amazingly gorgeous carvings!
I hope you keep in touch and continue e-mailing me your beautiful carvings.
Warmest regards,
Judi Sobol”

Hi Nita,
I got the radish bouquet video as well as the watermelon one. I loved them both. I have attempted a few carvings in the past using books, but this is so much easier actually watching you do it. I wanted you to know how much I am enjoying these free lessons. Thank you so much for this great opportunity to learn this art.
Barb Gray

Hi Nita,
I loved your watermelon lesson u send me. These are amazing. It’s very easy to be made, the way you gave details. Thanks.
Saher Malik

Thanks for all the beautiful carving you have sent me. I am so excited and impressed at your creativity.
Sonia Burgher

Thank you for all the free lessons! I told my friends about you!
Now every time I go to a party I bring a watermelon cake. It’s always a hit! They like it because it’s a healthy dessert & a great centerpiece!
More power to you, Nita!”
Dinah Bello

Tks Nita. I always enjoyed & interested in each e-mail you sent out, many thanks for your kindness.
Trang K Pham

Hello Nita,
Your videos are great! Thanks so much for sharing them, I must say that you make it look so easy! I’m learning so much from you and enjoying it. Soon i will buy some tools.
Thanks Nita! You’re the best!!!

Looking your free videos I made fruit cake. Everyone loves !

Hey, did i tell you that your vegetable fruit carving videos available on your website for beginners was helpful to me?????I don’t think so i informed you, did i????
Well, all thanks to you and your videos and tips that i got the first prize in vegetable carving competition held in our school.Thank you soooo much Nita Gill.!!!!!!
Fatima Raheem

Hi Nita: As always, beautiful carvings.
Thank you for still keeping my e-mail on your list.”
Lucy Stevens

I have no words to express the marvelous talents you have. You are simply God’s gift on this earth I must say.
Hat’s off to you to these beautiful carvings and the mighty ART in you.
Thank you very much for all the work you display I love it and all my friends n colleagues appreciate your work n the talent in you.
God Bless you and my colleagues would also get in touch with you. Thank you once
Warm regards,

Hello Nita,
Thanks a lot for sending me the e-mails of all the information and carvings which
I get so happy to watch them.
Bena Lakdawala

Hi! Nita Gill
I really enjoyed all your images and videos of
fruit and vegetable carving. I have no words to express my gratitude for
your service. I really feel very very happy to see all your images. Thanks for your
valuable suggestions and  encouragement please keep sending me.”
Mdakram Shariq

I absolutely LOVED the radish lesson! Thank you so much for that. I am
going to try it for my husband tomorrow night. He loves radishes!
A long time ago I took a lesson with a local lady here who had a catering business and we did some melon flowers and it was so much fun but it was only one class (2 weeks/once a week) so I had forgotten much of how to make the actual flowers so this was a fun! I can’t wait to try the watermelon bowl soon!
Thanks for the free classes Nita.”
Susan Starr

I love your
blog and appreciate your love for such unique art. The things you share are so
cool. Love them.
Bless you,

I love your job,Im learning a lot.!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Graciela Morinigo

Dear Nita – you are wonderful – in case someone else has not said that to you.
Many thanks. Best regards. Shenaz Valli

Hi Nita, I would thank you for sending me some of the most amazing carvings and information . I am a chef from a five star hotel from Rhodos Island Greece now living in New Zealand. I am a specialist in meat and small goods. I do butter and ice sculptures as well. So it is wonderful to speak to a culinary artist. thanks.
Dimitrios Kokkinakis

Hi Nita,
Thank you so much for all the in formations and photos you have been sending me, I love and appreciate your continuous support.
Noa Niubalavu

Hai, Nita Gill,
Greetings for the day.
I have been enjoying your carvings sections and e-mails which you are still sending to me. I thank you so much for the interest to sending me your carvings by e-mails and spending time for me.
*Thank You so much Nita Gill*
*Yours Kindly,*
*Joby Alex*

Thank you so much for making this video! I’ve got a party coming up soon, and everyone’s going to be wondering how I got such a beautifully carved watermelon! I’ll send them all to your website so they can give it a try at home themselves!
Jay Beat

Every day I hear from you when you write to me, telling me the blog stories
as well as your free lessons.
Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. You are so nice, and explain so well, that even me, a Brazilian person can understand your lessons.
Antonia Rabelo

Thank for sending me all of your inspiring fruit carving. I learn a lot from your works.

Hi Nita, Wow, wow. How wonderful to see you do you terrific art work. It is so amazing. You don’t know how happy you made my day. Thank you so much. About 20 years or so ago I started doing some carving but very rustic, with my own hands and people like them but yours are so perfect and artistic. I am so happy I found you. Thank you for being so unselfish. God bless you. Tina
– Ernestina Espinosa

Hi Nita, Hope you are ok over there. Your carvings are amazing they have given me new ideas. I have changed the appearance of my church altar because I decorate my home
church with fruit carvings every Sunday.
Thanks and nice time.
Omusugu Henry

Hi Nita.
Thank you for watermelon bowl I have seen before and I tried one it came
amazing. That’s why am interested with your curving, It is easy to follow.
Highly appreciated
Saada Al-Taie, Sultanate of Oman

I totally **love** this website — not much op to practice any of it, but the photos & how-tos are hugely inspiring! Thanks!!
Sue R
a mom in MO

Sending me these e-mails gives me great pleasure to see the work and art that is involved in doing these carvings. Thank you so much once again, as I really enjoy them.
God bless you and your family,
Bena lakdawala

Hi Nita!
Thanks for remembering to send me this recipe (St. Patrick’s Day Drinks and garnishes).
Everyone enjoyed it in church when I mixed it the other day.
Thanks very much for your kindness!
Ana Thompson

Hello Nita,
Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I made the radish bouquet for my church dinner during the lent. I will send pictures soon and also I would like to purchase U/V cutter set next week. Thank you again for these free lessons, they are awesome and you are as well.

Dear Ms. Gill,
The free radish bouquet video was awesome as well as it was surprisingly easy.

Thank you very much for your videos and illustrations. They have taught me a different way of doing things and in a more creative way,,,,,thank you so much and god bless you !!! Continue to do your good work and assistance in such a helpful way 🙂
with thanks
Abigale Hoilett, Jamaica

Dear Nita,
Thank you so much for the videos, I’ve learned so much by just watching them. I learn everything you make really fast by just watching one video, you explain really good so Thank you. You’re the best!
Your biggest fan,
Farida Chamto

Hi Nita,
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful art. You are a very talented lady. I love watching your videos of beautiful carvings.
Thanks again for spreading the joy.
Wish you continued success and God Bless You.
Best regards,
Perin Pardiwal

Hi Nita, I’m still watching your amazing pictures and it makes me realize that we are all really still children at heart, its the best thing to do is to be able to create and design etc. Hope you will keep sending and not give up on me. Thank you so much from Jewel”
-Jewel Capazorio

I think what you are teaching is great!
Love to you and Happy New Year,
Taraz Martinez

Hi Nita!
My husband introduced me to your site and I have been a fan ever since. The juicy creativity you showcase is simply delicious.
After watching your watermelon cake video, I decided to give it a try which was a good thing because it coincided with my friend’s christmas eve party. Please find attached a picture of my cake.(Smile)!
All I heard were ooohs and aaahhhs like you say it.
I am a banker but doing this gave me more thrills than banking ever has. Thank you for sharing techniques at tips.
Olivia Ejura Oyibo (Abuja,Nigeria)

Wanting to wish you a very happy holiday and thank you for your amazing inspirations. I was first introduced to this incredible art by you. I have had such great satisfaction watching your free lessons that I actually purchased a few things from you . Again from the bottom of my heart I thank you.
Bernice Guadalupe

Nita, What a lovely lesson. You know how to keep me opening your mail. I plan to purchase your melon carving lesson in the spring.
Merry Christmas,
Sandra Taylor

Hi Nita,
The lovely platters and bowls are very unique and creative! I will try it sometime with my grandson …Have a wonderful Christmas holiday!
Jenny Pensiero

Hi Ms. Nita Gill
I just checked my email today and take a look at the videos you sent. It was incredibly amazing. Thank you so much.
ThienAn D Vu

I must say that i really appreciate and enjoy the e-mails you send me because they give me so much joy and happiness.

Nita thank you for your beautiful carvings. Thank you so much for what you do, turning something ordinary into magic . Thanks again Jo Ann Garrell

Dear Nita Gill,
Like your hands are carving flowers, your heart also carving flowers for others.
Thank you for the information about beet greens.

Hi Nita,
At first I wanna say THANK YOU very much for your instant mail with the lot of variations of fruit garnishing. I hope my english is not too bad and you can understand my Happiness.
I’ve learn in so much from your lessons, so many other people says: “is it possible to make such beautiful things with fruits. I must say I live in the eastern part of Germany and in my county it isn’t normal to do such garnishings. I ever say I have learn this from Nita Gill, a very important Woman in this section. Many other Women want look at your fantastic Site.
Thank you and in the next time I think I send you one or two or …Photos as a little Thank to you.
By Angelika Hanusch

OMG! Nita!
That was so amazing..the Chinese sugar painting and the chocolate art..WOW..I was completely blown
away..thanks for sharing.

Hi Nita.
You are amazing, and I am very grateful to have those carving videos.
Thank you, I really appreciate those useful lessons and ideas to apply
in my next project.
Be you for ever.
Jose de santiago

I would like to thank you for all the ideas you have been willing to share. Your gallery is most impressive!
Not only is your skill level amazing your manner of delivery is very appealing.
With gratitude,
Michele McCoy

Thank you for the wonderful lesson. I am just beginning to do different creative work on fruits and vegtables. Thank you for the free video lessons. I hope to start acquiring some of the tools. I did make aswan out of a watermelon and it was a big hit for an anniversary party. THANK YOU .
Jaime Roybal

Hi Nita,
Thank you very much you are so kind with me, I am feeling so sweet, My husband he passed away few month ago so I am very sad and lonely, I live alone and very stress, I have 3 kids but they are married and independent, we are Vietnamese. I think I have to learn a lot in this country, learn every thing. If I havegood health I will better, all of your video you sent to me I save on my documents and I will reopen every day when I check my email. I wish you have good health and day by day having success more and more. God bless you. Kim Tram Ho.

Hi Nita,
A big thank you once again for all your updates and awesome decorations, I have looked and admired all of them, truly talented and gifted, all the beautiful ways the fruits and veg were presented builds up an appetite for sure. Will get back to you soon.
Stephanie Anthony

Hi Nita,
Yes I did received the video, it is amazing, I loved it. You are incredible. Thank you very much.
Luly Perez

Thank you for sharing these lessons….the new one for me was the carrot garnishments….they are wonderful for making a plain table setting fun and/or elegant….not bad in the ohhhs and ahhhhs for the backyard barbeque either.
Rose Flores

Thank you very much for sharing with me and others, it was beautiful I think I am falling in love with fruit and vegetable carvings. I really love it!!!!!
Karen Lawrence

Nita, thank u very much for the free watermelon bowl lesson .it is so useful and very beautiful. I am will give me lots of …waow…from my friends!! .I am looking forward for it!!!. Thank u so much again.
Seema Dowerah

Hi Nita,
The watermelon carving lesson was amazing. You make everything look so easy. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to view your lesson. Once again it was OUTSTANDING!
Rudy Munoz

Good Morning Nita
Thanks a lot.
You are a great help as I am in the catering business and it helps with ideas.
Kind regards
Yvonne Puren

I just love your emails. They always inspire me. Its amazing how artistic one can be from the use of a piece of fruit or vegetable. I , for the first time made the rabbit out of honeydew for Easter. Many compliments.
Will probably soon sign up for dvds, because there are some matters when attempting the carving I could use some help on. Thanks, Marcie Jaworski

thanks miss nita .i had a vegetable carving competition in my school and i tried your simply and lovely watermelon cake and i got FIRST prize. every one asked me how i made it i said that my aunty is nita gill she teached me…….THANK U THANK U THANK U THANKU……………………………………………..
Kavya Bhanu

Re: Wonderful Underwater Scene Carved by 1st Timer

Thanks so much for sending me the emails. That was just beautiful on the underwater scene, and her first attempt! That gives me incentive, Marcie Jaworski

Dear Nita,
Thank you very much indeed for the numerous e-mails I received on Fruits and Vegetables carvings.
They are indeed awesome and inspiring !!!
I’ve never tired of admiring them.
Once again … THANK YOU !!!!!!
Hope there’s more to come !
Cheng Kiew

Hi Nita,
I loved your free lesson and the every video that I have seen. You are fantastic! You speak very clearly and it is kind of easy to understand all you say. Besides you looks like a very nice person.
Thank you very much for your lessons.
Best regards
Lúcia Avelar

Hi Nita, I can never thank you enough for your encouragement and ideas, happy Easter, God bless have a wonderful weekend.
Stephanie Anthony

Hi Nita,
Thanks for all the tips and pictures. I love getting your e mails. I also got my tools for pumpkins this week.
Reda Mccrary

Hi nita,I am very happy of your lessons for fruit and vegetable carving.I am receiving lots of ooooh.waw!! from my friends!!thanking you.
with warm regards.
Seema dowerah

i just wanted to tell you that i got the video about the radishes and i loved the things you did I’m going to try and make the bouquet for my daughters quincenera
Kiara Wingate

I really enjoyed the free video and I have put one (radish bouquet) together, I will be purchasing more of your videos which are super easy to follow and be
successful at carving. Thanks again Pam Terry.

Hi Nita,
Thank you that was awesome and so are you,thanks again for your kindness and the free videos. Where I live is warm and sunny most days, that is Malaysia. I peeled some mangoes and used the skin to make a beautiful rose to decorate the plate, my family was impressed, also the tomato rose in my salad bowl, looks so pretty. Bye for now.
Stephanie Anthony

Re: How did you like your free Watermelon Cake Lesson?

Hi Nita,
I did not only like it, I love it. You’re amazing.Thanks. I surely would like to have one of the DVDs.

Hi Nita, Thank you for your lovely updates with the images of the fruit carvings you have sent me. It’s been a wonderful hobby to explore!
Kind regards
Hasna Begum

Hi Ms. Gill;
Thank you for the pictures that your students was carving, it is beautiful, I very appreciated for sharing it to me.
I love every one that you had have sent me.
Again, thank you.

Dear Nita,
I’m so grateful and my pleasure for sending me some simple videos on how to carve fruits and the outcome is so elegant and very interesting to make it.
Thank u so much for this ideas and I really appreciate it.
God Bless and more power!
Daisy Escobar

Dearest Nita Gill,
I’m so impressed for the vegetable and fruit carving made.It gives me an idea on how to make my fancy fruit bouquet.
Thank you for sharing a free video. Hope you will show more:) God bless and more power!
Daisy Escobar

Wow! I have go through the below links, and they simply FAB!
I will get back to you for the tools soon.
Thank you Nita 🙂
Best Wishes,

Hi Nita ,
It was amazing to see how a melon could be transformed into a work of art. I would definitely try my hands on it.
Thanks once again

That is totally awesome…can’t wait for the video. Cake decorating is a hobby of mine, then again I can sell these !!
Tzivy Rabinowitz

Love your videos. I have been looking for something like this for a while now. I have been doing carvings for family birthdays and functions for a few years. But your videos are helping me pump it up a little bit.
Thanks so much.
Darlene Sanders

Hello Nita,
Thank you very much Nita for sharing and caring.

Hi nita i learnt a lot from ur courses and emails thank u so much !!!.
Avigail Leventhal

Happy Birthday Nita,
It’s always a pleasure to watch you videos. This unique watermelon cake is a great idea that I will use at my Labor day cookout. You have a wonderful gift in creating fruits and veggies like I’ve never seen before and you make it look simple. One of the things I plan to do when I retire is to do this for special events and parties. I would like to purchase many of the tools you use for carving. Will you please give me that information?
Thanks and have a blessed day!
Danette Graham

i love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
yosef meir ehrlich

Hi Nita,
I really enjoy receiving and reading your mail…. you are such a talented person… may god give you good health and long life so that you can pass on your knowledge to people like us who want to learn.
bless you and lots of love

Our 9 year old daughter just made a cake…she did a great job and thoroughly enjoyed doing it 🙂 Thanks for all your inspiration…soon we’ll be buying some ‘ttols’ from you – make a great birthday gift.
Kind regards,
Angelina Degelder

I love it!!! I ordered some tools (Corrugated U Cutter) and I can’t wait to start using them. Very excited, thank you so much!!! You are amazing and a great instructor! I would love to learn more things from you….
And again, Thank you for your video lessons. They are excellent and informative
Xee Kha

thanks watermelon cakes are vvvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy beautiful and unique. your ideas are always superb.
hayat fasih ur Rehman

Hi Nita,
You are so generous and kind, god bless you and family. I enjoy looking at all the carvings you shared and find them delightful.Thank you and have a great weekend.
Stephanie Anthony

Hi Nita,
My name is Patricia Alexandre from Miami Florida , thank you for sharing your vegetable and fruit carving.
May God bless you.

AMAZING !!!!!I, I have enjoyed, your work, My sincere Respect…THANK YOU!!!!

Dear Nita,
I did this for an iftar dinner yesterday at my house in KL… the guests were overwhelmed… They couldnt believe it was made with a watermelon………….. malaysia has so many fruits.. so its easy to create lovely decor.
Thank you once again for the free lesson…. I am so proud of my own creation, I would like to dedicate this cake to you with all my love…
God bless you ….

Good morning Nita,
Its 7:45am in kenya right now. I am always delighted to check my mail and get something new from you. Gives me the strength to go to the market on saturday. Enjoy your weekend.

Hi Nita, Thank you very much for the pictures and the viedo of the watermelon cake. For my Father and Sister’s birthday last weekend I made traditional birthday cakes and had my Sister’s kids help me make a watermelon cake, the kids had a blast!!!!
Thanks again,
Sally Smith

I have finished looking all my eyes can possibly stare at. The cake definitely is out of the box work. It is unusual, impressive and something one can do with ones own choice of flowers etc. It is indeed a good idea and I am really happy you sent me the link. Thank you. From there other ideas can grow. Next week I will purchase your DVD so that I have a full view and learn more about your creations. I am glad I hit your web!
Thank you again.
Happy Carving!
Jeannette Mwa Namarahu

wooooww amazing i wish i can do that too. i really want to learn, thank you for sending me ur new ideas and creations.god bless and more power…
Rose Tsing

Thank you, I appreciate all the videos. I am a Culinary student and I’ve used your carving tips for some of my dishes. The chefs at the school were impressed. I hope to someday purchase the video.
Rosie Tamayo

Hi Nita,
Thank you very very much for all your tips and videos, I sure enjoy them and I even tried out some of them and they were so gorgeous and my family and friends were so amazed by it, Pls keep me informed of any new tips and videos. Thank you once again.

I am a deaf cook working in the garde manger department. If your videos had included closed captions, that would be very helpful. However, I have been watching your videos by hands on details and I truly enjoy it. Amazingly, your site is the only site that showed a lot more easy tasks and details on the carvings. It is really difficult to find good books on how to learn how to carve on fruits and vegetables. But, you are the mastermind! Thank you!
Jessica Lynn

Hi Nita
Thank you for creating and carving. I love your videos and your lessons. Your videos have helping me.
Thanks so much
Nata Budagyan

Hey!!!…thanks for the emails…THEY ARE REALLY HELPING!!!
Sashana Barnes

Thanks a lot for sending me these free lessons.
I am a student of MBA and now my marriage in near so i started carving to get owwws and awwwws from my inlaws 🙂
Thanks again for such a nice ideas
I just tried the carrot flower for the drinks you taught in the free lesson and it’s awesome 🙂
Shahida Umbreen

Love your emails. Keep them coming.
Carol Hermant

Thanks, Nita! Wow I have watched all your short videos, I am so impressed! I love the watermelon cake for your friend,I was baking a lot of wedding and birthday cakes, and even selling desserts at the factory I worked at. Then my husband had a heart attack and life changed, I stopped baking so much, because its just so bad for you, I didn’t want to be responsible for others having a heart attack.
I made bacon/ tomato sandwich’s today and started to cut that roma tomato and I thought I am gonna give it a go and I made my first of many to come roses, My husband even knew it was a rose when I handed him his plate!LOL!!! Thanks Nita it was very nice of you to send those video’s. I have been looking at your courses and tools and maybe I will order some tools and something to get started on.
Soon, your e-mail friend in Belize Sherry

Dear Nita,
Thank you for your inspiring videos and updates. I just love your teaching methods and it gives me the drive to try carving with my little kids around watching in awe.
Many Thanks.
Kind regards,

Dear Nita,
Thank you for sending me the watermelon carving previous.
You are so very talented, makes things look so easy to carve watermelons , and yet they come out so so pretty. I also looked at the watermelon cakes, Wow what an idea, they are great. Looking forward to order the watermelon carving, I think that will keep my mind busy in spied of such stressful time I’m having with my husbands health problem.
thank you for everything .
Carmen S.

It is wonderful. You were right…I did get ooohs and aahhhs from my family.
Amirtha Jyothy

Dear Nita,
Every time I watch your beautiful videos about vegetables and fruit carving, I enjoy them a lot and watch them again and again and again. Your talent is amazing and the creation of such wonderful carvings is so worth watching. My English may not be so good but I am trying my best to express my feelings and ,that how much I enjoy every time I watch your vegetables and fruit carving videos.
Bijan Nafei – California

Thank you so much for the video. I made to bouquet for a friends baby shower and everyone loved it. They thought it was professionally made or store bought. Thank you for the lesson and I hope to purchase your videos and tools very soon.
My next project is the watermelon basket… wish me luck!
Melanie G. Cain

Many thank for your wonderful lesson!
Ernestina Espinosa

dear nita
i got free video of bouquet lesson and it was amazingly sooo easy to make.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH …….I really enjoy to watch your carving just exactly on time for my son’s birthday party Im hoping to see more……GOD BLESS YOU AND MORE POWER. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.
Doris Villarmea

I would like to thank you for all the video blogs that you have posted and shared with us. They are a great help and we are over all really pleased with the results.
Thank you once again and keep up the good work.
You’re a great inspiration.
Best Wishes,


Hi Nita,
Thank you so much for all the information and photos you have
been sending me, I love and appreciate your continuous support.”
Noa Niubalavu

Just want to say that I love your free lessons on Vegetable
carvings and I will be ordering some stuff from you soon.”
Geselle Harrilal

Good Evening Nita:  Hope all is well and you are well on your way to producing your next series of carving videos.  I’ve enjoyed your past features and look forward to the next lot….Al”

Hello Mrs Nita Gill,
Thxxxxxxxxxx soooooo much for your amazing ideas.!!!
I really like this way of displaying fruits for parties , especially this photo that was by Mrs Debborah Cheeseman , It looks oriental style ,Good Luck Deborah
Fati-Guli   From: Kuwait

Thank you very very much for sending me fruit and veg carving
competitions pictures, loved it thanks again.
Mohan Pradhan

Many thanks, Nita. I’m really enjoyed and loved all your inform. that you sent.
Trang Pham

Thank you so much Mrs. Gill
I will try them on my Tuesday dinner.

Subject:    RE: 4th of July, Red White and Blue,

Hi Nita,
That is very nice, you gave me idea for our Canadian day on first of July I think  it is much easier to make Canadian flag it’s only white and red.
Thanks again
Mahin Afraz – Canada

Dear Nita.
Receive greetings from Guatemala, thank you very much for your mail, I am really excited about the lessons.
Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful ideas.
Susy Reyes

Thank you for sending this to me. I love it!!!
Orqui Lop

Hello, I have received soo much inspiration from your work….

Thank you so much re-sending the above link. I am so surprised at how easy you make it look. I always think I couldn’t do that then I listen to you and suddenly it all seems so easy. I have my daughters wedding next month so your free videos are brilliant.
Thank You
Geraldine Marsh

I really enjoyed your website and it saved me when I needed the ideas in the nick of time!
Thank you,
Sheila Clifton

Thank you so much nita ji for sending me such an amazing videos.
I am highly impressed.
pls always be in touch.
u are really a very creative person.
thanks again
Pooja Bhati

Wow….another outstanding job.

Thank you for the lesson and video. You are very easy to understand and the use of “laymen terms” works very well for me.
I am excited to try my hand at making a fruit bowl. Thanks
again, and happy carving
Debra Jones

Dear Nita,
the carving of your water melon and others for the 4th of July is amazing. Thank you for posting it me.
Rubi Begum

Hi Nita,
thanks for updating me. i love ur carving alot.
by take care

Dear Nita,
You have become a fine true friend and you don’t even know me!!!
Every e-mail of yours is read and copied by me. You see I am a “copy artist”, but I do tell everyone where each and every lovely idea comes from….from you!
Thank you for making my friends and family think I am a genius.
Enid Hammer

Hi Nita,
I signed up on your site a while back and have been receiving emails ever since. I must say I am quite impressed…. I am a flair bartender (bottle flipping, garnish tossing tin spinning and fire breathing) as well as bar owner.
Keep up the great work, love your art!
Dennis Ryan

Good morning Nita, greetings from Guatemala.
Here is my photo of the bowl I did.
I am not a person with ability in handicrafts, but I am trying to learn to carve, and you really make the things easy and inspired me.
Thank you,
Susy Reyes

thanks Nita
i should say i am among the lucky people to have subscribed for fruit and veg carving.
Baby Ben

Hi Nita ,
long time I email to you. However, I check my mail everyday and I look your email send to me. Really interesting.
Thanks for think about me! See you on my mail.
Phung Nguyen

Dear Nita,
I love your July/4 Watermelon. Many thanks to you and wish you and your family have a great holiday. I always wait for your e-mail b/c make me very happy and interesting. Love Trang Pham.

You are so talented you must live on fruit alone!  Lol I enjoy
seeing your creations you should do them for a fancy restaurant!
Dyanna McHaffie

you’re such a motivating factor!
francis udi

it is wonderful i. you were right…i did get ooohs and aahhhs.
with my family
amirthajyothy  -Madras, India

Thank You Nita for all your Tips n Tricks
I really enjoy them”
Bill Ballantyne

Thank you so much it has really helped me and i hope you keep
sending such useful mails in the future!! thank you
Ami Chhadva

Hi Mrs. Gill,
I think I will learn from you forever!
I will try this deco to offer to my American friends…
Eunice Webba