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Salt Art – Another creative food art

salt-art-yodaPrepare to be amazed by the wonders of Bashir Sultani’s amazing salt art. This Afghan-born artist uses simple tools, such as a razor and q-tips, to maneuver the grains of salt into portraits of celebrities on a black background.

Just as I shared photos of spectacular Latte Art by Mike Breach a couple months ago, I wanted to share this unique form of food art with you.

Bashir, who has over 37,000 subscribers to his awe-inspiring Youtube channel, has created a variety of salt art portraits. From real-life historical figures and celebrities like, Albert Einstein and Lady Gaga, to cartoon and video game characters, such as the Hulk and Mario, Bashir knows how to work the grains of salt into just the right position.

Awesome Black and White Salt Art by Bashir


Actor Morgan Freeman’s salt art portrait couldn’t look more realistic.



A wonderful artistic representation of actor Al Pacino.


Steve Jobs Salt Art

Apple founder, Steve Jobs, looking very thoughtful in his salt art portrait.

Bashir Brings Color to Salt Art

Bashir has even experimented with creating colored salt art. By using various shakers filled with colored salt, he carefully pours and sculpts the drawings into colorful masterpieces.


A ferocious-looking Hulk created using green-colored salt.



Doesn’t this salt art lion look quite regal?



Spongebob’s bright colors practically jumps off the black background.

Albert Einstein.

Although I can’t teach you how to create a salt art drawing of Albert Einstein, I can teach you how to carve pumpkin portraits like this Albert Einstein portrait.

This one is cool, too. in color

Color Salt Art Pizza

We showed portraits made with pizza. Now here is a pizza drawn with colored salt.

Who could have imagined you could make so many cool pictures using a bit of salt? Thanks for introducing us to the world of salt art, Bashir!

Learn to carve like a pro


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