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Rose Carving

Several of my students of my Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves video lessons recently sent me some photos of their rose carving.  And I am impressed!

These are excellent for first time carvers.

Tahir Ali Butt in Sydney Australia found my site in early March. When he ordered his VegetableFruitCarving lessons and tools he wrote:

Thursday March 3, 2011

….I believe I have found a new hobby.


Friday March 11, 2011

Dear Nita,

I Love your style of teaching. All the three videos are very informative…..  …I am deep into learning. I want to listen every word you say and watch every cut you make.


Saturday March 12, 2011

Your skills are great. …I am learning a lot from you so unofficially you can call me your student. One day I will make you proud from this part of the world.


Rose Carving by First Timers

On Wednesday, June 29, 2011, Ali sent me some photos in two emails and wrote this:

Hi Nita, This is my first attempt with these designs . My wife Susana is doing the final decoration. She is chasing me with Camera all the time. Do you like it. Regards, Ali from Sydney Australia”

Rose carving with beets

Ali’s first attempt at carving beet roses as taught in Nita’s Hearts and Roses video lessons

To answer Ali’s question, Do I like it? – Absolutely. I love it. This is a very fine job of carving a beet rose. Excellent. Especially for a beginner.

This beet rose design is taught in my Hearts and Roses video lessons.

Hi Nita, Thanks to your rose carving video, I attempted this pumpkin. Any comment?

Regards, Ali from Sydney Australia”

Here are the photos that Ali sent to me. I’m so glad that his wife, Susan is “chasing him with the camera all the time”. That way, we all get to see. 🙂

carved roses in kabocha squash

Ali’s first rose carved into kabocha squash

Ali carving pumpkin AKA kabocha squash roses

Ali carving pumpkin AKA kabocha squash roses

Tahir Ali Butt with his first kabocha squash carved with roses

Tahir Ali Butt with his first kabocha squash carved with roses

rose carvings in kabocha squash

In answer to Ali, “Yes I like it very much! Beautiful job. Especially for a beginner. Carving this rose pattern on kabocha squash is harder than carving on watermelon because the squash is a much harder firmer texture than watermelon. Very impressive job.

You can learn a bit more about rose carving on kabocha squash AKA pumpkin on one of my previous blog articles that inspired Ali.

I think that Ali has done an excellent job of rose carving both in beets and pumpkin which is also known as kabocha squash. Don’t you?

Besides showing off Ali’s new skills, I am sharing this with you to show you that once you are shown how, carving roses and other vegetable and fruit carvings really is easier than is seems before you are taught how.

Geraldine Marsh wrote to me after watching one of my lessons:

I am so surprised at how easy you make it look. I always think I couldn’t do that then I listen to you and suddenly it all seems so easy.

Thank you,


I’ve heard this many times from many people. Even my videographer who was not seeking to learn fruit carving has said the same thing.

Another recent student of my Carving Watermelons – Roses Buds and Leaves sent this to me on Tuesday July 5, 2011.

Hi Nita,
This was my first rose watermelon carving. Thank you for teaching me how to do it. Hope you like it!
Mike Ghali”

carved rose in Watermelon by Mike Gahli

Great Job Mike! Really good carving especially for the first time. I’ll bet your guests were pleased and surprised.

Update 7/13/11 – After I published this article Janelle Hamland sent me a photo of her first rose carving. Here is what she had to say,

Hi Nita,
Just wanted to send you a picture of my first watermelon carving.  Not perfect but did turn out nice and everyone was very impressed.  Thank you for making your easy to follow instructions and videos.  You truly can get great results right away!!!

Carved watermelon roses

Janelle Hamland’s first rose carving

Beautiful job Janelle! I like how you carved the rose into the side and then hollowed it out to use as a fruit salad bowl. I’ve been meaning to make a blog post explaining that this can be done and you’ve beat me to it and provided a great photo. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Rose Carving Can Be Easier Than You Think!

To all my other readers, if you are thinking about learning the art of fruit carving but somehow think it may be too hard for you, I encourage you to just do it. You will probably be surprised that it is easier than you think when you are shown how step-by-step. If Ali and Mike can do it, so can you!

Oh, and by the way, Mike and Ali both learned only from my videos. I have yet to meet either of them in person. We’ve only met online.

You can learn rose carving in a couple of my DVDs or online lessons You can get more information about my Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves video here. And you can learn more about my Hearts and Roses Lessons here.

Of course, you can always get my free lesson showing how to carve a beautiful flower bouquet from radishes by signing in at the top right on this page. When you sign in, I also send occasional emails with tips, tricks, ideas and mini-lessons from time to time, including how to make a super easy rose carving from citrus and tomato peels.

Learn to carve like a pro

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6 Responses to Rose Carving

  1. rajnesh July 11, 2011 at 3:51 pm #

    whoa!Its lovely. many thanks Nita.I am surely going to buy the DVD.I really want to do carving.I just cant wait to learn from you.

  2. ZAHRA NEMATOLLAHI March 25, 2012 at 10:57 pm #

    HI .thank you very much for your amazing and beutiful lessons.

  3. Mierelee May 13, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

    I’m very empress to your work wish I have some of your talent.

    • Nita May 13, 2013 at 7:01 pm #

      Thank you Meirelee. You might discover you too have talent when you learn how. Lots of my students do.


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