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Versatile Rose Carving Techniques

Rose Carving Technique used on mango by Phung

Phung made a mango rose using the rose carving techniques taught in my “Carving Watermelons – Roses, buds and Leaves” video lesson.

In a recent post, I showed you photos of  melon roses that students carved after learning rose carving techniques from my lessons. Now, I’ll show you how these rose carving techniques are versatile when applied to other types of fruits and vegetables.

Rose Carving Techniques Applied to Tropical Fruits

I teach these rose carving techniques in my Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves lessons.

Once you learn these rose carving techniques, you can get creative with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Here is an example of a mango carved with the same rose carving technique by, student Phung Nguyen:

Nice job Phung!

In this photo from student, Naz Begum, a papaya is carved with the same rose carving technique:

This is a note to me from Naz:

Just as a note, I would just like to tell you that learning new things from you, has been a great help. Rose Bouquet, radish bouquet and the apple bird etc. was a great success for me, as recently, I had a mayor visited the area and he was really impressed with the carving, so once again I thank you.


Rose carving techniques used on papaya

Student Naz Begum’s first papaya carving using the rose carving techniques taught in my Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves Video Lesson

The radish bouquet that Naz mentioned is taught in one of my free lessons. All you have to do is sign up at the top of this page to access it!

The rose bouquet and apple swan are taught in my Hearts and Roses Video Lessons. In these lessons, you’ll learn to make heart carved oranges, as well as beautiful beet rose and turnip rose carvings. I also share ways to serve your carvings as part of a meal.

Rose Carving Techniques used on Daikon

Here is another that shows the versatility of rose carving techniques. Here you see roses carved on purple diakon. This was carved by one of my wonderful teachers, Tym Chaipanya.

rose carved diakon

Roses carved on Diakon by Tym Chaipanya


Rose Carving Technique Used with Japanese Pumpkin

Kabocha Squash carved with Roses

Nita’s Kabocha Squash carved with Roses

You can also apply the rose carving techniques that I teach to hard squashes like this Kobocha squash. Kobocha squash is sometimes referred to as Japanese pumpkin. I can get these at my local grocery store. If they are not available in your local chain grocery store,  you can usually get these year round in most Asian markets.

This very same type of squash carving can be lit from inside to give a soft romantic glow in the evening.

Kabocha Squash Lantern

Kabocha Pumpkin Carving with light inside makes a pretty pumpkin lantern decoration for a romantic evening.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, you can show off your watermelon rose carving techniques and make your date swoon! Carving fruit and vegetables together to garnish your meal can be a fun date activity as well. Call me a hopeless romantic!

Or maybe you can use your new carving skills to impress your future in-laws – wink-wink. I have heard from more than one student about impressing their fiance’s parents.

Check out these past posts to see more watermelon rose photos made by students of my Hearts and Roses and Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves Video lessons:

Vegetable and Fruit Carving Student Success Story – Avi Livne

Students Showcase Beet Rose and Watermelon Rose Carvings

Students Carve Their First Beet Roses

With my Online Lessons,
You Can Apply the Rose Carving Techniques Today

You can see that the rose carving technique can be quite versatile when applied to a variety of fruits and vegetables. If you’d like to learn more about my Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves video lessons where I teach these rose carving techniques, click here to learn more.

My video lessons, Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves are also included in my 11 week Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners.

Because you can get instant access to my lessons online, you can be amazing your loved ones with your new rose carving techniques soon.

Learn to carve like a pro

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