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Radish Flowers Carved By Students of Free Lesson

radish flowers by SharronToday, I’d like to show you a few vegetable bouquets of carved radish flowers that people have made after watching my free radish bouquet video lesson.

People who visit my blog are usually impressed by the carvings of fruit flowers or vegetable roses they see and want to know how to make their own edible bouquets. That’s why I’ve created my online video lessons; however, if you’re like me, you probably want to try something first to decide if it’s for you. So I suggest that readers start with my free lesson on how to make an easy bouquet of radish flowers.

The response is always positive because not only are radish flowers easy to make, they always get “ooohs” and “ahhhs” from friends and family.

Radish Flowers Make Colorful Bouquets and Centerpieces

I love it when readers send me photos of what they made from my free radish flowers lesson, especially when they put their own creative spin on it.

These radish flowers by Phung Nguyen also include some lovely carved apple and melon swans:

Phung’s radish flowers

Phung’s radish flowers with carved apple and melon swans

These radish flowers are really well done and nicely arranged. The addition of carved fruit swans adds an elegant and romantic feel to the centerpiece.

The technique for carving apple swans is taught in my Hearts and Roses Video lessons. The Hearts and Roses lessons also show you how to make beautiful red beet roses and orange hearts. You won’t need any special tools to make the carvings shown in my Hearts and Roses DVD, except for common kitchen knives that you probably already have in your home.

Here is a photo from Winston Hayes of the radish flowers he made:

Winston’s radish flowers

Winston’s radish flowers taught in Nita’s free video lesson

Nice job Winston! I like how you made the kale visible for a nice color contrast. Winston’s vegetable bouquet would make a really lovely table centerpiece at a dinner.

These are radish flowers that Vasudha made after watching my free lesson:

Vasudha’s radish flowers

Radish flowers by Vasudha taught in Nita’s free video lesson

Vasudha wrote me this message:

Hi Nita,

As usual your lesson was fantastic. Thanks a lot. You know all my guests appreciated my radish bouquet. I made little change. I put black grapes instead of that little center part which was yellow in color. And it turned eye catching. Everyone was asking me for demo. Thanks once again.

Thanks & Regards, Vasudha”

That’s a great idea to use black grapes, Vasudha. In fact, once you learn the technique for carving radish flowers, there are many possibilities. You can use different fruits and vegetables you like such as strawberries or kiwis to make the flowers. You can then use berries or grapes for the center to make your own edible creation.

Vasuda’s flowers look a little different because they were done with a knife only rather then using the corrugated U-cutters. To get your set of Corrugated U-Cutter Tools with the Mini-Melon Baller, click here.

Are These Radish Flowers too Easy for You?

Maybe radish flowers are too easy for you! For carvers who want to learn more advanced techniques, feel free to visit my shop. You’ll find high quality carving tools, plus many options for video lessons including my popular 11 week Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course for Beginners, as well as more specific lessons ranging from scary Halloween pumpkin carvings to fun watermelon cakes!

Radish Flowers Can Enhance Your Food Presentation

Some of my readers, and students of my online lessons, are professional or hobby chefs and caterers looking for unique ways to present their food.

I find that radish flowers are great for this purpose because they add a nice touch without taking up too much time.

Here’s a photo of how a student, Jana, used radish flowers to decorate a dish she made for a party:

Jana's radish flowers

Jana added just a few radish flowers to jazz up her food presentation

I really like how Jana added the orange peel rose in the middle of the dish for an eye-catching presentation. You can learn how to make this rose in my free video lesson on how to make roses with citrus peels. A red tomato rose would have looked nice in the center of this dish too. You can try making this by watching my tomato rose video lesson.

Radish Flowers Are Easy to Make!

Here are some comments I’ve received about my free lesson on how to make a radish bouquet:

Dear Nita,

I got free video of bouquet lesson and it was amazingly sooo easy to make.

shankari shankari”

That’s great to hear!


Thank you so much for the video. I made the bouquet for a friends baby shower and everyone loved it. They thought it was professionally made or store bought. Thank you for the lesson.

Sincerely, Melanie G. Cain”

Here’s a message, along with a photo, from Sharron:

Sharron's radish flowers

Sharon displayed her radish bouquet with fruit and vegetable appetizers


Hi Nita,

My fruit and veggie appetizers display turned out awesome. No one could believe it was my first one. I have done smaller fruit bouquets but nothing on this scale. The watermelon and Radish bouquets were the favorites. It was a big hit at the wedding in my back yard. I did get the tools on Friday.

 Thanks Sharron”


Are you thinking about making your own bouquet of radish flowers? Go ahead and give it a try by signing for my free lesson. You may just find a satisfying and creative outlet in fruit and vegetable carving, or just get some ideas to use for your next potluck.

So the next time you’re invited to dinner, you can ditch the roses and carnations and surprise your host with a bouquet of radish flowers instead!

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