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Pumpkin Portrait Made Easier with Transfer Pattern Paper


Portrait carved with pattern transfer paper

You might remember the story about my friend who carved her first pumpkin portrait  who I wrote about in a previous blog post.

When came to visit us over this past weekend and we had planned for her to carve the pumpkin that her friends had asked her to carve.

If you didn’t read my past blog post, my friend carved her first pumpkin portrait. It was done from a photo of her friend’s daughter. When her friends saw the pumpkin carved to look like their daughter, they asked my friend if they could hire her to carve another for Halloween.  So this past weekend our plan was for my friend to carve another and I was going to carve something else.

As it turned out, my friend got quite sick, from something she ate, we suspect, and could not carve. So I offered to do the pumpkin carving for her. This time, we made a pattern that was a little more complex. I used my new pattern transfer paper which made it much faster to transfer the pattern to the pumpkin and the clear pattern made it easy to carve all the details.

Original Photo for Pumpkin Portrait

Original photo use to carve pumpkin portrait

Photo used to carve pumpkin portrait

Completed Pumpkin Carving

You can see in this animated photo the pumpkin before it was lit and in varying stages of darkness.

Completed pumpkin portrait

Completed pumpkin portrait unlit and lit

My friend was thrilled by this pumpkin carving. She has yet to deliver it to her friends. I can’t wait to hear how they like it.

You Can Carve a Pumpkin Portrait, Too!

I love how much easier the transfer pattern paper makes carving a detailed pumpkin pattern. It makes it more like “carving by numbers” like the old “Paint by Number” kits. I reveal the secrets of creating and carving with the pattern transfer paper in the 4th carving lesson within my course.

The simplest explanation is that you can print your pattern onto the transfer paper, transfer your pattern to the pumpkin and carve. In my course, I teach exactly how to choose and create good photos, how to create a good patterns that will give you great carving results, and how to transfer patterns to your pumpkins. This pattern transfer paper is only one of the six ways taught in my video lessons.

Print your pattern

Print your pattern onto transfer paper

Transfer pattern to pumpkin

You can carve pumpkin portraits like this yourself. They don’t have to be complicated, detailed portraits. They can be simple ones, too. I teach how in my Pumpkin Carving Portraits Course.  In the Pumpkin Portrait Course in addition to learning how to create and transfer your own carving patterns, you learn what tools to use and how to carve to get great results. Once you learn how to carve pumpkin portraits, you can carve portraits of your friends, family, and customers to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries. weddings or any other celebrations that honor someone. It’s fun. And you will WOW and make people feel special when you carve pumpkins to look like them. Here is where you can get your pattern transfer paper. Instructions for printing transfer paper and transferring pattern included with paper.

To get your Transfer Pattern Paper – Click Here

If you’d like to see another student’s first pumpkin portrait click here. Happy Pumpkin Portrait Carving!

Learn to carve like a pro

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