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Fun Birthday Party Fruit Carving Display with Pumpkin Portrait

90th birthday party fruit display with carved pumpkin portrait

Carved pumpkin portrait is the highlight of this birthday fruit display by Deborah Cheeseman

A carved pumpkin portrait make a great centerpiece for birthday fruit carving displays.

One of my student/customers Deborah Cheeseman, who is a professional caterer and fruit carver in Alabama, created a really fun and personalized birthday fruit display for a party honoring her 90 year old aunt.  I loved it and thought you might get a kick out of seeing it, too. It’s fun, happy and free spirited like the 90 year young birthday girl that it was created to honor.

The centerpiece is a pumpkin portrait of Deborah’s Aunt “Baby Rae”. Debbie wrote to me the following:

“At the last minute, I just free-handed her pumpkin…I told her I wasn’t sure who this lady was but she came to the party anyway?!? She laughed, and her children said it was a pretty good likeness.”

I don’t know what Aunt Baby Rae looks like but this is a good looking pumpkin portrait! Especially for a carving it without a pattern! Well done Deborah.

A Closer look at Deborah’s Free Handed Pumpkin Portrait

pumpkin portrait for 90th birthday

Caterer and Fruit Carver, Deborah Cheeseman free handed this pumpkin portrait for her aunt’s 90th birthday party

I told Deborah that I loved the carved red lips in her display. She wrote,

The lips are chayote squash…they have a natural pucker at their bottoms. I couldn’t resist!”

Deborah carved away the skin of the chayote squash in the shape of lips and dyed the flesh with red food coloring to give the look on red lips. So cute!

About her aunt, Deborah had this to say,

This gal is 90, wears those high-heeled shoes to go dancing, has always loved Betty Boop, so her children wanted a spoof on the table for her! They loved the lips too!”

In the photo below, you can see that Deborah carved a watermelon with a Betty Boop graphic next to her pumpkin portrait.


Because the birthday girl is a long time fan of Betty Boop, Deborah carved a watermelon with a Betty Boop graphic. She also carve puckered red lips from chayote squashes. Such a cute idea! Learn how to carve graphics onto watermelons and pumpkins in my video lessons Carving Letters and Words.

 Pumpkin Portrait Carving Techniques can also be used to carve portraits graphics onto watermelons.


Closer look at Deborah Cheeseman’s Betty Boop watermelon carving and chayote squash lips. 

Discover how to carve graphics onto watermelons and pumpkins in my video lessons Carving Letters and Words.


Here you can see the whole table including the high heeled shoe carved on the watermelon on the right side of the table.

In the photo above, you can see that Deborah used the pumpkin carved with the portrait as a vase for a vegetable bouquet made with peppers, turnips, leeks and a zucchini bird. She artfully arranged the fruit around it all and used another small hollowed out pumpkin as a bowl to serve dip. You can also see the watermelon carved with a high heeled shoe to the right of the pumpkin portrait.

I love how Deborah made this fruit display so personal for her Aunt. It was very thoughtful. whimsical and fun.

Deborah’s  90 year old aunt “Baby Rae” sounds like a kick! Reminds me of a great aunt of mine who has passed on. Makes me smile.

Thanks Deborah, for sharing your photos with us.

Learn how you can carve your own pumpkin portraits. You DON’T have to be an artist and you don’t have to free hand carve your portraits. I teach an easier way to make very recognizable watermelon and pumpkin portraits. See more about my portrait carving lessons by clicking here. Find out more about my video lessons Carving Letters and Words by clicking here. 

By the way, when pumpkins are out of season, portraits can be carved using watermelons. Pumpkin and watermelon portraits are great to make for guests of honor at birthdays, weddings, promotions, retirements and more. And watermelon portraits can also be used as a vase for a fruit and veggie bouquet as Deborah made with her pumpkin portrait.

If you would like to see more birthday fruit carving ideas and displays, check out some of my other blog articles. You might also like my Watermelon Cakes ideas.

If you would like to learn more about carving and watermelon and pumpkin portraits, take a look at my Pumpkin Carving Portraits Course. You can amaze your friends and family (and clients) with your carved pumpkin portrait s.

Learn to carve like a pro

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