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The Marvelous Pumpkin Carvings of Sue Beatrice

CArved pumpkin Shipwreck by Sue BeatriceLast fall, talented sculptor Sue Beatrice quietly burst upon the pumpkin carving scene. It started with her posting her first pumpkin sculptures on Facebook and blossomed into carving events, TV appearances and more.

I first become aware of Sue’s masterful pumpkin carving from a photos that she posted on Facebook. I wish I could find the image of her first pumpkin that she posted. It was remarkable for any pumpkin carving. Let alone her first.

Then, Sue also came to the attention of the folks who do the casting for Halloween Wars. Sue accepted their invitation to audition for Halloween Wars 2013. The show that is airing this year was shot last year. You can see it on Food Network this month, October 2013. Look at your local channel listings for day and time. In our area it airs on Sunday evenings. You can see Sue’s audition for the show in the video further down this page.

wild cat pumpkin carving by Sue Beatrice

This big cat pumpkin was only Sue’s 3rd pumpkin carving! She created it for the Bronx Zoo last year.

As you may have guessed from her awesome pumpkin carvings that Sue is an experienced sculptor who transferred her talents to sculpting pumpkins. Sue is a native of New Jersey with a degree in fine arts from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts who has sculpted figurines for the toy and gift industry working for such luminaries as Disney and Warner Brothers. She also sculpts for candy and chocolate makers, Waterford and more. A multi-talented artist, Sue also makes sand sculptures, jewelry and miniatures under her business name, All Natural Arts.

Photos of Imaginative Pumpkin Carvings by Sue Beatrice

Elephant Pumpkin carving by Sue Beatrice

Here is an amazing elephant pumpkin carving made at the Bronx Zoo last year with Andy Gertler who is another seriously talented pumpkin sculptor.

This next photo gives you a sense of the size of this elephant pumpkin carving.

Sue Beatrcie and Andy Gertler with this pumpkin carved into an elephant

This photo gives you a sense of the size of this elephant pumpkin carving

Sue said about this sculpted elephant pumpkin.

This pumpkin was created using three pumpkins, each one was at least 120 lbs. The ears, trunk, and tusks were all added on. I don’t think there are progress photos. Usually our hands are too messy to use a camera in the middle of a carve. – Sue Beatrice

Sculpted pumpkin spider by Sue Beatrice

Spider pumpkin carving by Sue Beatrice – enough to give you the creeps.

Here are a few more of Sue’s magnificent sculpture that she have created for the Bronx Zoo.

Sculpted pumpkin Shipwreck by Sue Beatrice

Sue’s Shipwreck – this was all carved out of one pumpkin! October 2013


details of carved pumpkin shipwreck

In this close up you can see more details of Sue’s shipwreck pumpkin lit by the light of the setting sun. Even the tiniest details are beautifully carved.


Zoo carving by Sue Beatrice

Look at all the different animals in this animal band sculpture created by Sue at the Bronx Zoo in Oct 2012. It began as pretty huge pumpkin, approximately 115 pounds.


Sue Beatrice sculpting giraffe at the Bronx Zoo

Sue Beatrice sculpting giraffe at the Bronx Zoo. October 2012


Sue Beatrice giraffe scultpure

To give you an idea of Sue’s pre-pumpkin sculpting talents, here is a non-pumpkin giraffe that Sue sculpted for the Bronx Zoo June 2011

I hope that you enjoyed seeing the marvelous pumpkins that Sue Beatrice has sculpted. To see the imaginative Sue Beatrice in action, watch for her on Food Network’s Halloween Wars. If  you are viewing this article after the show has aired, look for the reruns that you should be able to find on Food Network during the Halloween season.


Sue Beatrice and her team on Food Network’s Halloween Wars TV show.

If you happen to be an accomplished sculptor, you can have a lot of fun transferring your skills to carving pumpkins.

If you are not a sculptor at all, but would like to learn to carve pumpkin with 3 dimensional faces, then you will love Ray Villafane’s 3D Pumpkin Tutorials. Ray is another super accomplished pumpkin sculptor who was also an elementary school teacher. Here is where you can see some of Ray’s carvings  that have gone viral in the last few years.

Sue Beatrice,  Andrew Paul Theodore, Chris Vierra and Ray Villafane.

Sue having pumpkin carving fun with Andrew Paul Theodore, Chris Vierra and Ray Villafane.

He knows how to teach so that you really can carve your own remarkable 3D pumpkin portraits. You can learn more about Ray Villafane’s 3D pumpkin Carving Tutorials by clicking here. Lots of my readers have carved amazing pumpkins after learning from Ray’s DVD that you can get in my shop.  You can see some of their photos here.

For the absolute easiest way to carve Ray Villafane’s ghoulish designs onto pumpkins, you can use Pumpkin Carving Tattoos. With these tattoos, if you can trace, you can carve Ray’s extreme designs.

If you want to learn to carve pumpkins with the very recognizable faces of your friends and family, check out my Portrait Carving Course.

No matter how you choose to carve pumpkins, I hope you have fun during this pumpkin season.

sculpted pumpkin fish vy sue beatrice

Here is a closer look at the marvelous fish carved from pumpkins by Sue Beatrice.

Sue Beatrice Audition for Pumpkin Carving on Food Network’s Halloween Wars.

To Sue, thank you for allowing us to share your photos and your story. I’m sure this article will be an inspiration to many, encouraging them to do what they love and express their unique creativity. I believe that each person who finds a way to live who they really are and to express their talents well, as you do, serves as a beacon for others to do the same, expressing their unique talents (whatever they may be).  Keep up the great work.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Sue Beatrice will create in the future.

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