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Pretty Pumpkin Carvings

Alphonse-Mucha-pumpkin1The Pretty pumpkin carvings that you will see in this post are my favorites of the many designs of pumpkins displayed the the Encinitas Halloween event put on in partnership with the Self Realization Fellowship. These beautiful designs are a great alternative to the traditional spooky or silly pumpkin carvings that often dominate at Halloween. These pumpkins feature intricate details and delicate markings to enhance the beauty of the carvings.

These pumpkins were carved by the monks at the Self Realization Fellowship as well as by community members. I wish I had all their names to give them credit for their truly lovely carvings.

Click on any of the links below to see more pumpkins from the Halloween event that were carved with other design themes.

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Pretty Pumpkin Carvings Show Amazing Detail


One of the pretty pumpkin carvings, this lovely design represents devotion. The details in the archway, the skirt, the scarf and the tree branch are quite beautiful.



Here is a closer look where you can see the details from the flowers on her skirt to the peacocks in the elaborate archway. You can see that a lot of time and effort went into creating this lovely pumpkin. Black an red colors were painted on and the light areas were created by the carving away of the rind.


pretty pumpkin carvings

Here is the devotion pumpkin when lit as night. It’s still quite beautiful. Ideally this particular pumpkin would have displayed even better with a little more exterior light shining on it.



Here is how the details look a bit closer up.

Using the Transfer Pattern Paper that we offer in our online shop can make carving from artwork like this much much easier. You can learn more about our pattern transfer paper on our website.

You can learn more about carving pumpkins with varying shades of light and dark in by watching a short free video.

Our Pumpkin Carving Portraits Course goes into more detail about making pumpkin carvings with varying shades of light and dark so that you end up with recognizable pumpkin portraits.


This pretty pumpkin carving with a replication of Alphonse Mucha artwork is one of my very favorite of the pretty pumpkin carvings.

This Aphonse Mucha pumpkin carving was carved by Nalini Biggs. You can see more of her work at


Take a close-up look at all the delicate details in this gorgeous pumpkin carving.



Even when the pumpkin lit from inside, it still makes for a beautiful piece of art.



The coloring on this headdress pumpkin carving is simply wonderful!



Aren’t the details in the headdress amazing?

More Pretty Pumpkin Carvings


An up close view of the unlit swan carving shows the beautiful mountain background.



There’s something peaceful about this pretty pumpkin carving of a swan floating on the lake.



This pumpkin is a wonderful example of pretty pumpkin carvings.



This is another of my favorites of the pretty pumpkin carvings!



Look how beautifully eye catching this peacock pumpkin is when lit from inside at night.



This close up view gives you a better look at the peacock design that features delicately painted and carved feathers and tree branches.



A mandolin surrounded in vines makes for a beautiful pumpkin carving.



The mandolin pumpkin lit from inside is just as beautiful!



You can really see the carved details in this pumpkin design.



Here’s another version of a mandolin-inspired pumpkin carving.



The lilies carved in this pumpkin mimic a stained glass window.



A view of the lily-inspired pumpkin in the daylight.



The butterfly carving looks so simple by day but lights up beautifully at night.



The butterfly pumpkin is an example of one of the easier-to-make pretty pumpkin carvings.



Another example of a butterfly carving.



Here’s how the butterfly carving looks in daylight.



This drum carving looks beautiful in the daylight. It’s lit from within with an electric bulb in preparation for nightfall.

Want to learn how to achieve varying shades of light and dark on your pumpkins, click here to watch a short video.

To learn how you can carve pumpkin portraits, click here. To see many more different carving designs, see the links near the top of this page.

I hope you enjoyed these photos of pretty pumpkin carvings as much as I did!

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