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Fantastic Pumpkin Carvings of Prehistoric Creatures

They are at it again. The talented Pumpkin Sculpt USA team is sculpting up more amazing pumpkin creatures at the Bronx Zoo. This year, their theme is prehistoric animals.

This Andrewsarchus is their first of the season of their huge pumpkin carvings of prehistoric creatures. The Andrewsarchus is the largest meat eating mammal that ever walked the Earth. Wouldn’t it be terrifying to come face to face with this scary looking beast? Scroll down to see the image below to see how large it was compared to a human!


The Andrewsarchus was the largest meat eating mammal that ever walked the Earth. It lived 45 to 36 million years ago. It weighed at least half a ton and measured 13 feet long from snout to tail and had hooved toes. Although it resembles a wolf, it is more closely related to camels and pigs. (this pumpkin version weighs about 800 lbs.)

andrewsarchus and man to provide scale.

This image gives you an idea of the true size of the Andrewsarchus.

If you are in the New York area, you have two more weekends in which to watch another prehistoric creatures come to life, at The Bronx Zoo. Andy Gertler, Sue Beatrice, & Julia Jankowski are carving every weekend in October and the first weekend in November.

Styracosaurus pumpkin carving

Here is their massive Styracosaurus, Spike! He’s over 8 feet long and over 800 lbs. Carved by Pumpkin Sculpt USA at The Bronx Zoo. Andy Gertler, Sue Beatrice, JL Cook and Julia Jankowski.

I love this next photo because it allows up to have an idea of how the Pumpkin Sculpt Team assembles these giant pumpkin creatures.

progress shot showing assembly of styracosaurus carving

This shows this shows how Pumpkin Sculpt USA builds forms and how large the pumpkins are that they use.

This next pumpkin sculpture of a Meiolania Brevicollis, an extinct species of turtle.

Meiolania brevicollis pumpkin carving at the Bronx Zoo

This carved version of a Meiolania brevicollis is life sized at over 8 feet in length! It lived in what is now Australia about 30 million years ago until 2,000 years ago. — with JL Cook, Sue Beatrice, Andy Gertler and Julia Jankowski at Bronx Zoo.

Meiolania-brevicollis-pumpkin sculpture

A closer look at the Meiolania Brevicollis

Meiolania brevicollis turtle pumpkin carving gives scale

This gives you a better idea of the size of this amazing creature carving.

What talent and creativity? Eh? We may not all have the talent of the Pumpkin Sculpt USA team, but you can always use some of their ideas to create your own fantastic pumpkin carvings or prehistoric creature or any other creatures that you can imagine.

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