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Pumpkin Carvings of Animals

pumpkin carving of zebras Here is a selection of pumpkin carvings of animals that were carved by the monks of the Self Realization Fellowship, by lay members of the Self Realization Fellowship, as well as by residents of Encinitas California and the surrounding communities in North County San Diego. Pumpkins like these are carved each year and displayed throughout the downtown area along Highway 101. Some are simple jack-0-lantern style carvings, some have shaved rind , some are painted and one even has colorful cotton added the a bright multi-colored effect.

There were so many different pumpkin carvings at the event, that I had to spread them out over several blog posts. You can view them in the categories below. 

Note: the categories with inactive links will be coming soon.

Overview of Halloween Pumpkin Event
Pumpkin Carvings of Animals
Pumpkin Carvings of Cartoon Characters
Ghoulish and Halloween Theme Pumpkin Carvings
Logos and Places Pumpkin Carvings
Movie Themed Pumpkin Carving Designs
Pretty Pumpkin Carvings

People Pumpkin Carvings
Surfing Themed Pumpkin Carving Designs

Pumpkin Carvings of Animals – In Daylight and at Night

When I have both photos available, I’ll show you how each pumpkin with an animal design looks in daylight as well as at night time. The look changes.

giraffe pumpkin.  0ne of many animal themed pumpkin carvings in this article

This wacky giraffe design has painting of black and colors in addition to the lighter areas being defined by the shaving of the rind.



The same pumpkin with the giraffe looks a little different at night, The colored paint is no longer seen as well. But it’ still adorable



This pretty design has a hummingbird feeding from a bird of paradise flower. Both of can be commonly throughout Southern California.



Here is the same hummingbird pumpkin design when lit from within at night.

 Lion and Tiger Pumpkin Carvings


Lion – King of the Forest carving design. the black areas are colored with black barker or paint while the ligth areas are where the orange rind has been shaved, carved or stripped away.



Lion pumpkin carving as seen at night.


tiger pumpkin carving

Here’s a detailed pumpkin carving of tiger with claws and teeth bared.



Tiger pumpkin carving lit from inside



Looks like these Zebras might have come face to face with the tiger above. I love how these frightened zebras have crazy neon colored cotton added to their heads. What a fun and imaginative decorated pumpkin.



Lit both from within and without, this zebra pumpkin carving design looks great at night, too.

 Simpler Animal Pumpkin Carvings


Here is a simple and effective cat design



Same pumpkin carving with cat design as seen at night.



The trotting horse design is done in the more traditional jack-o-lantern style of carving.



These joyful leaping dolphin are a fun design in keeping with the local theme. Dolphins are frequently seen in the ocean just off the Southern California coast. I’ll bet this one looked great lit at night. too.

To see a short video showing how to achieve varying shades of light and dark on your pumpkins, click here.

To learn how you can carve pumpkin portraits, click here. To see a lot more different carving designs, see the links near the top of this page.

I love the variety and creativity of all these styles of pumpkin carvings with animal themes, don’t you?

Learn to carve like a pro

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