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Successful Pumpkin Carving Portrait at First Attempt

Nita portait pumpkin carvingsA few days I announced my new Pumpkin Carving Portraits video lessons. So far, they are a  big hit.

Think You Can’t Make a Good Pumpkin Carving Portrait?

Some people may look at the pumpkin carving portraits and think,

“Oh, this is too hard. I could never do it.”

You might think,

“Sure, Nita can do it but she is an experienced carver and I’m not.”

If you have an interest in making pumpkin portraits, you CAN do it. If you can trace or follow the dots, you can carve these types of pumpkin portraits.

Take a look at the portrait a first time carver made after learning from my lessons.

Inexperienced Carver’s First Pumpkin Carving Portrait.

First pumpkin carving portrait

First ever pumpkin carving portrait by 1st time carver. The original photo is on the left and the finished and lit pumpkin portrait is on the right.

This is the first attempt at a pumpkin portrait by a first time carver. This first time carver is  a friend of mine who has never done any vegetable or fruit carving other than the typical pumpkin jack-O’lanterns that most of us Americans have made at some point in our lives. In fact, she never ever expressed interest in learning fruit and vegetable carving. I asked her to try to carving a portrait into a pumpkin with the help of my lessons. I wanted to see how clear and effective my lessons would be for her – a non carver.

She did really well didn’t she? It is recognizable as being the girl in the original photo. (In case you might be wondering, I did not touch any of this carving. She did it all herself.)

In fact, the friend who made this carving brought it to a dinner party that same evening at the home of this little girl. Her parents were so excited about it that they offered to hire my friend to carve another one for this upcoming Halloween. My friend is happy to do so. She found the process fun and creatively rewarding.

You CAN do it, too

That reminds me of a quote I’ve heard often but don’t know the original source. It says, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” In other words if you think you can’t and you never try or learn, then you prove yourself right and you can’t. That applies to anything in life. When you think you can, you try, you do, and prove yourself right that you can do it. Anyway, I digress…

If you have an interest in trying to carve pumpkin portraits, I encourage you to try. You really CAN do it. It’s fun and it’s a great feeling to look when you are done and say to yourself, “Look what I made”. The ooohhs and aaaahhs from others are just icing on the cake.

What do I teach in my Pumpkin Carving Portraits Course?

In my lessons, you will learn to make easy to follow patterns from your own photos, and you’ll learn how to carve them. We start with an easy 2 toned pumpkin portrait and progress to portraits with more varying shades of light and dark.

You can learn more about my Pumpkin Carving Portraits Course by clicking here.

Start now and you’ll be ready to have carve fantastic portraits of your loved ones for Halloween. Or you can make portrait of famous monsters, or celebrities. Whatever you like. You’ll be the talk of your neighborhood when you make your pumpkin portraits.

Oh, and I’d love to see your photos of your portrait carvings. Send me your photos and I may even feature your pumpkin carving portrait photos on upcoming articles in my blog.

Learn to carve like a pro

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