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Baby Jesus in the Manger Pumpkin Carving for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, I have an unusual pumpkin carving to share with you. I’ll bet you’ve never seen a  baby Jesus in the manger carved from a huge 750 pound pumpkin!

That is exactly what Executive Chef and pumpkin carver Jim Morgan carved.

It all started with a Pumpkin Carving Class

I met Jim through my website. He learned about Ray Villafane’s pumpkin carving class that I was promoting in October. He decided to attend.

Jim did a great job during class and was carving amazing pumpkins immediately following the class. Keep in mind that these pumpkins are some of Jim’s first 3D pumpkin carvings ever.

Jim Morgan’s Pumpkin Carving Wins Competition

In October, Jim made this ghoulish character pumpkin carving and submitted it to an online Halloween pumpkin carving contest hosted by Greg Butauski of the World Food Sculptors Association (for which I serve on the Board of Directors).

Jim Morgan with Halloween pumpkin carving

Jim Morgan with his Halloween pumpkin carving that one first prize in the online Halloween Pumpkin Carving Event put on by the World Food Sculptors Association

Jim won a first place prize and $200 for his Halloween pumpkin carving.

turkey pumpkin carving

Carved Thanksgiving pumpkin turkey by Jim Morgan

Then in November, Jim carved this Thanksgiving turkey from 2 pumpkins. The body was one pumpkin and the head and tail were carved from another. You may have seen this one already in my hasty Thanksgiving day blog post.

When Jim sent his Halloween pumpkin carving photos to me he told me, ” A guy is letting me work on a 750 lb pumpkin right now. Kind of nervous about that one.”

I understand about being nervous. It’s not everyday that any one sees a 750 pound pumpkin let alone get to carve one!

When I asked him how he got the 750 pound pumpkin to work on, he told me,

“I went to this guy that has a lawn and garden center. He bought the 750 lb pump at an auction in Ohio. I told him “I don’t know how its going to happen, but your going to let me carve that” ( I never did that before, plus I showed him a picture from our class). He gave me 3… 200 lb ers to practice with and take as many as i want any time. I still have about 15 that I took and he has 3 big bins full of them still. I carve them and give them back for him to display. I could have sold the turkey 15 times yesterday, but my wife wants it for thanksgiving.   hahha   She is the boss.   I LUCKED OUT.”

A little confidence goes a long way doesn’t it. I love that.

Baby Jesus Pumpkin Carving

The owner of the giant pumpkin was Jim Jenkins, owner of Jenkins Lawn and Garden Center in Upper St. Clair Pennsylvania. Jenkins Lawn and Garden center was selling Christmas trees so Jim Morgan decided to make his pumpkin carving in the form of the baby Jesus in a manger.

Jim Morgan had to do the carving of the giant pumpkin in a warehouse at the Jenkins Lawn and Garden Center because it was too heavy to move without a forklift.

When it was complete, and placed where the Christmas trees were being sold,  this baby Jesus pumpkin carving served as a reminder of what Christmas is all about.

Jesus in the manger pumpkin by Jim Morgan

Jesus in the manger pumpkin by Jim Morgan

Merry Christmas.

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. I’d love to see photos of your holiday pumpkin carving or Christmas centerpieces.

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