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In the following articles, you will find new product introductions and sometimes you will see me telling you about new lessons. You will also see plenty of successes of students who have taken the various lessons. Customer / Students successes with after learning from the lessons serve as the best product reviews.

Vegetable Carving Butterfly

Edible Fruit Bouquets

Edible fruit bouquets are a colorful way to serve fruit. These are easy to make and fun to eat. When I made this edible fruit bouquet my son kept asking when we could eat it. Normally, he doesn’t eat much fruit without my coaxing him. But, he wanted to eat the fruit in this edible […]

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Honeydew carving

Honeydew Carving

Honeydew carving can be easier than you think once you are shown how. Here are a couple of melon carvings that I’ll be teaching in videos in my upcoming Carving of the Month Club. Update: Since this blog post was written these Honeydew melon carving lessons are now available. Learn more about my Honeydew Carving […]

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