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Pumpkin Heads for President

Of the Presidential pumpkins shown here, which pumpkin head do you like better? Hillary Pumpkin or Donald Trumpkin? We’ve got a couple of scary choices.

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Hillary Clinton presidential pumpkin

Hillary Pumpkin carved by Nita Gill. You can learn to carve recognizable pumpkin portraits in our Portrait Carving Course.

Donald Trump Presidential pumpkins

Donald “Trumpkin” carved by Nita Gill

What more can I say?

Want to Carve Recognizable Pumpkin Portraits?

You can carve pumpkin heads like these. It’s easier than you may think when you have detailed instructions and the right tools. You’ll get step-by-step video instructions in our Portrait Carving Course for Pumpkins and Watermelons.

More Presidential Pumpkins

Here are a several more fun pumpkins made in honor of Trump and Clinton and featured on the BBC news website.

Learn to carve like a pro

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