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Portrait Carvings by Students

Want to see some fun portrait carvings? This article shows some photos of pumpkin and watermelon portraits by a few of my student/customers of my Portrait Carving Course.

carved pumpkin portrait by Bruce-Williamson

Student/Customer Bruce Williamson carved this well done portrait. Nice job isn’t it?

Thanks much. So much to learn. The person in the portrait is the president of [title excluded for privacy]. His wife loved it but I’ve never shown him (didn’t want him to think I was creeping on him…lol).

Take care and keep teaching us please!


Helen's first portrait carving

Helen Ayuk carved this pretty portrait on herself as a birthday gift to herself. The likeness is excellent isn’t it?

I carved a portrait of myself as a birthday gift to me. Thanks Nita for a fine lesson.

Groucho Marx, one of Lynne Schreer's first portrait carvings

This is one of Lynne Schreer’s first pumpkin portraits. She made it for Thanksgiving for a Groucho memorabilia collector. Even though the details aren’t perfect it is still recognizable and would look even more so in a darker room. Good job, Lynne.

I know I skip over some important details of your wonderful lessons, (I seem lately to have the attention span of a pumpkin seed), but I’m still happy with my Groucho carving. My son and daughter-in-law’s friend collect Groucho memorabilia. They asked me to make this to bring to their friends for their thanksgiving dinner display.
Now if only I could get Groucho’s theme song out of my head. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Nita.

Lynne Schreer

Marilyn Monroe pumpkin portrait carving

Lynne Shreer later made this very recognizable Marilyn Monroe portrait carving for a Hollywood themed party.

This one I’m taking to a “Golden Age of Hollywood” theme party tomorrow night. I’m happier with this second attempt. Thank you for your lessons. I didn’t realize how thick this pumpkin was until I cleaned it out. It’s going to need two flashlights! There is no ink left on this pumpkin although it looks like there is. Lit up, I see I have some more touch ups to do.

Is there anyway to tell generally how thick a pumpkin will be when purchasing? This one probably measured almost three inches thick. The problem was when I thought I was done, barely any light came through. Back to work. But it was fun carving! Thanks again.

Lynne Schreer

To answer Lynne’s question above, when you are selecting a pumpkin for carvings, the heavier the pumpkin is for it’s size, the more likely it is to be thick. However, if you select a pumpkin that is very light for their size, you may end up with a pumpkin that is dry and hard to carve.

When carving 3D pumpkins, you’ll want the thick heavy pumpkins. When carving portraits, look for those that are more medium weight. Many of the varieties of pumpkins sold in grocery stores are meant for Jack-O’Lantern carving and are great for carving pumpkin portraits.

If you end up with a pumpkin that is too thick to allow the light through, you can thin it out as I show in the Portrait Carving Course. Also, you can use stronger electric lights as demonstrated in the lessons.

1st Watermelon Portrait

Here is the first Portrait carving that a student / customer in Ghana created.

1st Watermelon Portrait created by Anne Swanzy in Ghana

This is Anne Swanzy’s very first portrait carving. Anne is a student / customer in Ghana.

Your tutorials are great. I watched the video once then i did it.
Thank you so much.

Want to Make Recognizable Portrait Carvings Yourself?

It’s so fun to hear all the oohs and aaahs that you’ll get when you make your own portrait carvings. Whether they be of your friends and family or celebrities, your friends and family will be impressed! You’ll see. You can learn more about our Portrait Carving Video Course by clicking here.

More Pumpkin and Watermelon Portrait Carvings

Want to see some more portrait carvings? Here are a few more blog posts that feature:
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and even a talking watermelon portrait.

When you create some portrait carvings after learning from our lessons, feel free to send them in. You might even get featured on our blog.

Learn to carve like a pro

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