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What People are Saying about Nita’s Lessons

You rock! At times you make me feel as though you know me personally when teaching. Thanks!
– Vandoria Oliver, Cincinnati OH

Vegetable bouquet by 101 Course Student, Simon Muscat

Vegetable bouquet by 101 Course Student, Simon Muscat

I like the way in instruct and then give us time to carve. You give good details and seeing up close helps
Reda McCrary, Conover, NC

“I have just started my little event decorating business. This is a passion of mine which with your help I am trying to pursue. At first as you might remember, I was skeptical in purchasing the program, I am in my second week and from the minute I received my tools I started and I have never been happier.

This is the best thing I did for my career. Your videos are simple, clear and excellent. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for being honest . You deliver what you promised and in this day and age, that is extremely valuable, to come across someone who delivers what she promised , and much more. I pray for your success, you have the skills and you deserve it.

….If people do some research on line (like I did) they would realize that your program is “The Best” there is….. More power to you Nita, your family should be very proud of you. I am so satisfied that you can post what ever I wrote and use it in your blog or advertising in any shape or form you need it. You have my blessing and authorization. You make me proud, as a woman.

-Manda Vassigh

Watermelon Rose by Ali Tahir Butt

First watermelon rose by Ali Tahir Butt

Dear Nita,

I Love your style of teaching. Your videos are very informative….. …I am deep into learning. I want to listen every word you say and watch every cut you make.

Your skills are great. …I am learning a lot from you so unofficially you can call me your student. One day I will make you proud from this part of the world.

Ali Tahir Butt” Australia

” I am so surprised at how easy you make it look. I always think I couldn’t do that then I listen to you and suddenly it all seems so easy.
Thank you,

“Just thought i would like to say thanks, Why you may ask, then let me explain…

I live in England, so i have been finding it hard to find carving help and tools, i have wasted much cash and time buying books that don’t help much and buying tools that don’t really do the job. Then i stumbled on your site and took a look at one of your free lessons, i was skeptical at first, thinking that this was just another money making site out to get your cash, but the more i watched the more i realised this was not the case.

Your advice is fantastic, its at the perfect pace, i have bought your lessons and i love them, they are so helpful, when you are teaching us how to do something, you also point out what mistakes people who are learning make, and yes before i watched your lessons i made them all.

Your videos have saved me so much learning time and my skills have increased so much i could just give you a big hug to say thanks. all the products you recommend do the job, and one good thing is you tell us the reasons why you recommend them. if i had found your tools first i would have saved hundreds of pounds.

So once again Nita a big thank you and keep those lessons coming.i give full permission if you want to use any part of this as a testimonial to your fantastic work.
happy days
Steve” – Stephen Wilson, UK

carving by Summer Dawn

Summer Dawn’s Carving

“I made this today and it turned out so wonderful I just had to share!!

I only started “carving” around November, and let me just say that had I not stumbled across your web site this would have never been possible!!

I have learned SO MUCH from your site and lessons. I really appreciate the information you offer that is so hard to find anywhere else! I live in rural West Virginia and the internet is my only resource to learn anything, and the majority of what I have learned has been from you.

I still have a lot to learn, but I look forward to more of your lessons. Because of your lessons I have been able to look at pictures of other carvings and figure out how to recreate it, and also to use my own imagination to create my own carvings. 🙂

Summer Dawn” – West Virginia

Richard Testani carvingsI love your work and your educational DVD’s. I have a lot to thank you for teaching me!….

Can u tell I love your work and videos? These are thanks to you”.
Member Richard Testani – Professional Fruit Carver, Florida”

“Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the video lesson, applying what I learned the very next day; but was overwhelmed by the response of my family when I took two of my first creations to our Christmas party last night! Everyone was amazed!! They couldn’t believe that the roses were made from Turnips and Beets!! The cameras were flashing all night!

I can tell you I had a ball creating the beautiful roses and making the fabulous arrangement.

Anyway, just a report from one satisfied student (I don’t consider myself just a customer)!

Again, Thank You and Merry Christmas!”

Judy Bralley, Georgia

Mike Ghali’s first watermelon rose carving

Hi Nita,
This was my first rose watermelon carving. Thank you for teaching me how to do it. Hope you like it!
Mike Ghali”

Hi Nita,
Thank you for your lessons. I have been carving for some time now. However, since I got your lessons I get more ideas and it is easier to carve when you learn some techniques. It is more fun now.

Aneta Lekas, Toronto Canada

I absolutely love the lessons and ideas.
Katheleen Pappas

Carved Kabocha Squash by Ali Tahir

Carved kabocha squash by Ali Tahir

“My wife Susana and me are over the moon. I can’t believe my little effort could be so rewarding. Now I am more excited and motivated to go to the next level.

Ali Tahir Butt

“I love that you go through making common mistakes because I usually find that people who are experienced in a skill area forget the basics. But you make the student feel like you understand the level they are at and you are there to support them”.
-Jana Phung, Alberta Canada

“Hi Nita

I am so glad that I ordered your DVD. It is the easiest one I have tried so far. I could see clearly how you cut the veg. I have already made an arrangement made from turnips and beets. My family was so proud of me. I am looking forward to other lessons.

I also enjoy the short videos on my e-mail. Thank you so much.”

Myrtle Ivey
SocialCircle, GA

Fruit and Vegetable Carvings for Wedding by Sharron Nickerson

Fruit and Vegetable Carvings for Wedding by Sharron Nickerson

“Hi Nita,

My fruit and veggie appetizers display turned out awesome. No one could believe it was my first one. I have done smaller fruit bouquets but nothing on this scale. The watermelon and Radish bouquets were the
favorites. It was a big hit at the wedding in my back yard.

Thanks Sharron Nickerson”

I want to tell you a story. When I bring some stuff I practiced to my school and showed for everybody just like you said. I start to hear : ohh…ahh…I just smile and say in my mind ‘thanks to Nita, I am so proud about my skill. You are a good teacher”.
Phung Nguyen

Avi Livne's first watler melon carving

Avi Livne’s first watermelon carving

“Dear Nita,

I spent my last 2 hours watching my lessons on your web site .

Thank you so much, every thing was really very clearly, your method is wonderfull !!!

You can see my first watermelons here.

Thanks again” – Avi Livne , Israel

Ana Bertulano

I attended a Thai Fruit and Vegetable Carving Beginner’sClass inHarbor College but it didn’t include a lesson on how to make roses from beets and turnips. It was from your video that I learned this technique. I love the way you do the Apple bird. Thank you! Your DVD is simple and easy to follow. ~Ana Bertulano

“I used the leek bows at a client reception at a bank. They were so easy to make and I used them more like a crown and placed them on top of fruit carved masks and necklaces made from strung fruit balls. The theme was Mardi Gras and it worked great! Thanks for such an easy addition to a popular theme.”

Holly Dempsey
Heath, TX.”




Nita, I love to receive your emails and instructions on fruit and vegetable carving…I have forwarded these to the chef that provides Monday night meals for us at our senior apartments…everyone enjoys seeing his (your) creations! Keep them coming!

Barb Loving, Rancho Cucamonga California

I made the bunny baskets, very simple, and took them to two events on Easter weekend and they were the hit of the parties!

Garnita's 1st Watermelon Rose

Garnita’s 1st Watermelon Rose

Then I tried a watermelon rose. It took more concentration than the baskets but I was surprised at how well it turned out.

Today I bought a floral ring to try another watermelon, this time with the corrugated tools. What fun!

Nita, you present the information in a pleasant and relaxing manner which makes learning carving a creative adventure.

Thank you!

See you on your own TV show soon!

Garnita Kelly
Austin, Texas

All in all I loved the video. I hope to see more in the future.

Alvin F
Portland, Oregon

Upon receiving the hearts and roses DVD, I became more interested in Thai carving, So my mother and I were asked to do a dinner for 200 people and I carved some small round watermelon and cantalope flowers and put them by my chocolate fountain dessert table, and everyone was amazed at my work, and I told them I was in the process of learning from a lady, Nita Gill, out of California. I did send Nita pictures of more carvings I did for work and only used a paring knife. With the right tools and time, I will become even more better. Thanks Nita for sharing your gift.

Pamela Larkin
Greeley, Colorado

Thanks again Nita!!!”

“My cousin had her engagement party last weekend and so my mum and I decided to be adventurous and give it a try. I made the radish flower bouquet and also the leek flower thing. My mum did the rose carving using turnips and beetroot.

I must admit when I started the radish – they did not look as good as yours, however, when I arranged all of it into a bouquet using a potatoe and lettuce leaves to cover the base – it really looked great!

As for the leek – that was a winner and so simple to do.

But I really enjoyed the finished product – it raised a lot attention especially at the hall where all the displays where placed in front main table.

My cousin took photo’s of each centrepiece .

My mum and I are set on a mission to make the best carving dishes!!”

Raheema Khan

United Kingdom

“My mother has really taken this to to a new level – she is carving any fruits and veggies that she comes across and really enjoys doing this – I am so glad i came across your DVD as it has in effect given my mum the foundation on which to practise her different ideas on.

So once again many thanks, and I look forward to your next DVD.


Raheema Khan”

Al Kitchen

Al Kitchen

Good Evening Nita: It has been a great experience to work with you. Your approach to fruit and vegetable carving is honest and realistic. I fall someplace between a rank armature and one being able to turn out a decent carving. You have been most helpful and I look forward to improving my garnish and centerpieces following your instructions and recommendations. Like others within your instructional circle I am eagerly awaiting your next video. I have enclosed a photo of my my latest practice melon. I certainly have a long way to go before I’m satisfied but no I’ll improve with the assistance of your new videos. I appreciate the confidence you instill to continually turn out better carvings. Best Regards,

Al Kitchen
Peoria, Arizona

“Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! I watched the video and can’t wait to start. My friends and family are going to love this!! especially when they find out they can eat it too. I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Just thought you would like to know how far-reaching your generosity is. Thanks again, looking forward to more.”


“thank you for the video. I have shared it with my unit chef, he is also interested in Thai carving. He now receives your e-mails. I felt the video was a good visual, to see how to make the cuts,how to make them stand out more, (petals) how to keep the carvings looking fresh, I really enjoye the e-mail from the thai carving festival that was awsome! thank you for sharing you talents! “

Pam Laskin

“Thank you for your video lessons. They are excellent and informative.” Arun

Awesome!! I made those flowers out of oranges and beets for my niece’s shower, everyone was very impressed!! Thank you Nita :-)”

Libia D’Aversa
Dallas, Texas

Libia D'Aversa

Nita, you are amazing and I love your work. I do really enjoy fruit carving and you have been a great help to me. Your work is amazing and very easy to follow. Thank you for sending the photos and I can’t wait for your next video :-)”

Libia D’Aversa

“Wow…so amazing!! I love it!!! I would like to learn some more 🙂 I am looking forward to your next video lessons. I ordered some tools (Corrugated U Cutter) and I can’t wait to start using them. Very excited, thank you so much!!! You are amazing and a great instructor! I would love to learn more things from you….”

Libia D’Aversa

“i love the video

i enjoy your methods

again-good lessons

do you have more videos in the works?”

larry Washington

“Hi Nita Gill,

this sunday i carved raddish with the help of your video. my family members praised it a lot especially my mother was very happy. plz plz plz send me your more videos.i shall be thankful to you. again thanku.”

Farah PK

“hi miss gill

i just checked out the video sent by you n lemme tell you i am a student pursuing hotel management,so have a bit knowledge about these thingz.

n i must say your video is great.very appealing,easy to understand,very clear step by step…

nice job done.”

Zubbin Arora

I have enjoyed watching your DVD all day, and even more impressed with your talent. In the past, I’ve looked at several Asian/Thai web sites and their art, and while they are beautiful in their own style, I much prefer your approach.
Jeanne Kelly.

It was really good and very simple to do.. Thank you

Carol Flaro

“Your presentation and the camera work is great. Very easy to follow.” – Al Kitchen

You have a lovely teaching style, and a gentle manner. I think people will enjoy your body of work and will quickly gain competence and confidence because of your method.”

Sandra Taylor – about the Radish Bouquet video

 “It’s like waiting for Christmas until the next segment is ready.” Al Kitchen

Thank you for sending me your free video on making radish flowers. It was so simple with the right tools. Who knew?! Let me know when your next lessons are ready.

Deborah Bennett
San Diego, CA

Easy to follow and great camera work. Be very proud of what you do, and thanks for sharing your knowledge with others.

E. S.

You did a great job of explaining what you were doing and WHY, which is very important. For instance, you explained that in making the first few cuts of the radish, you don’t go in too deep or the radish will crack. You also explained WHY the radishes need to be placed in ice water.

It was also great that you dropped a radish from the “bouquet” and then said, “Sometimes things like that happen.” Good move leaving that in the video. It’s important.

Sincerely, S. Perkins

 I had a special time carving my first melon with Nita. she is an exceptional teacher with patience, skill and artistic talent. I enjoyed my time learning from her. Its fun making art you can admire, then eat!!

Patti Roguz Britt
Goshen Massachusetts

Jeanne Kelly

“I spend a lot of time researching and see a lot of videos. I think your video is one of the best.”

Jeanne Kelly
Greenville, SC

“Most comprehensive video for carving anywhere!”
Jerry Ward

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