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Patriotic Watermelon Carvings

Eagle Watermelon Carving

Patriotic Eagle Watermelon Carving by Robert Reynolds

After the recent July 4th celebrations here in the United States, several readers sent me photos of their patriotic watermelon carvings. It’s great to see that so many people are using their creativity with fruit carving to celebrate special events like July the 4th. In fact, vegetable and fruit carvings are a great addition to any special occasion and always get “ooohs” and “aaahs” from guests.

Today, I’d like to share photos of patriotic watermelon carvings by readers and students of my blog and carving lessons. All of their ideas are unique and I hope you pick up some new inspiration from seeing their work.

Patriotic Watermelon Carvings

Statue of Liberty Watermelon Carving

Statue of Liberty Watermelon Carving by Rose Flores

It looks like Rose Flores got inspired to make a couple of different carvings for the 4th of July. Take a look at this patriotic watermelon carving of the of the Statue of Liberty holding her torch. It was beautifully carved by Rose Flores.

This 1st carving, was done for a 4th of July amateur carving contest I’m entering and the second is of a watermelon cake I did to celebrate both the 4th of July and my sister’s birthday….the cake was frosted on the sides with vanilla yogurt and covered with sliced almonds….know you’ll appreciate these.

Great job, Rose. I hope that you did well in your competition. You’ll have to let us know.

In Rose’s cake she took the watermelon cake one step further by cutting the top tier of her watermelon cake into the shape of a star and frosting it. It looks yummy doesn’t it? And a lot healthier than cake with butter cream frosting!

Star shaped watermelon cake

Red, white and blue, star-shaped watermelon cake by Rose Flores

Another patriotic watermelon carvings I’d like to show you was made by Diane Keegan. Diane carved her watermelon to resemble the American Flag. Didn’t she do a great job?

Diane Keegan-patriotic watermelon carvings

Diane’s American Flag watermelon carving

Diane even carved the liberty bell in the back of her watermelon flag:


After I got the flag and stars on the melon, I had to figure out a way to get the mixed fresh fruit in and out, so I put a liberty bell on the back.  It got ooohhhs and aaahhhhs.

Diane Keegan”

liberty bell patriotic watermelon carvings

Diane carved a liberty bell on the back of her American Flag watermelon to make room for serving the fruit salad.

Nice job, Diane. I’m sure your work was well received. Thanks for sharing!

American Eagle Patriotic Watermelon Carvings

Since the bald eagle is the official bird of America, it is a popular symbol to portray in patriotic watermelon carvings. One of my readers, Robert Reynolds, sent me his creative approach in making a carved watermelon eagle. Isn’t it fantastic? Especially for a first attempt at a melon eagle!

Here is a message that Robert sent me with his photo:

Aloha Nita, have been watching you for sometime…and enjoy your emails and instructions. I have been carving here and there for a couple of years. Just need to get invited to do more…that’s what motivates me to create a new dish, cake or fruit carving…
I want to send you my only July 4th attempt at a melon Eagle…
I got several good comments….the photo is a bit blurry too….but here it is….Aloha Bob”

Robert Reynold's patriotic watermelon carvings

Robert’s patriotic watermelon carving resembles the Presidential Seal

I love how Robert added the wings to make this more 3 dimensional – great idea. Those added toothpicks and strawberries give it a “Presidential Seal” look. Beautiful work!

For my readers outside the U.S., here is a picture  of the Presidential Seal that was on the apron that I got when I carved pumpkins at the White House. You can see where Robert got his inspiration and where others may have gotten ideas for their patriotic watermelon carvings.

Nita in apron with presidentila seal

Robert’s watermelon carving was inspired by the “Presidential Seal”. This apron was from when Nita carved pumpkins at the White House last October

Another example of an American Eagle carving was sent to me on my facebook page from Chandra Hang Lawati. Take a look:

Patriotic watermelon carvings by Chandra

Chandra’s American Eagle watermelon carving

I really like the detail in this eagle carving. Great job Chandra! It’s beautiful.

I think the inspiration was most likely from this photo I featured on my 4th of July Food Ideas post:

american eagle platter patriotic watermelon carvings

Chandra’s American Eagle carving may have been inspired by this platter that I featured in a previous post

These next 2 patriotic  photos were sent to me by Chef Guilherme Silva who wrote,

watermelon carving - flag for 4th of July

4th of July watermelon carving by Chef Guilherme Silva

4th of July watermelon carvings by Chef Guilherme Silva

More 4th of July watermelon carvings by Chef Guilherme Silva

This next photo is another great patriotic watermelon carving that includes another American eagle but with a different and striking design. It’s by Leshia Rainwater-Clark. Great job Leshia. I love your bold design.

Eagle and American Flag Watermelon Carving

Eagle with American Flag watermelon carving by Leshia Rainwater-Clark

To see more patriotic watermelon carving ideas for next Memorial Day or 4th of July, take a look at a few more articles on my blog.

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Do You Have Any Patriotic Watermelon Carvings That You’ve Seen or Made and Would Like to Share?

I hope you enjoyed seeing the patriotic watermelon carvings sent to me by readers and students. Even if you are outside the U.S., these photos may still have given you some general ideas for carving watermelon bowls or even carving animals into your work.

If you celebrated the 4th of July and saw or even made your own patriotic watermelon carvings, I’d love for you to share them with me!

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