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Pancake Art – How to make fun art for breakfast

I’ve featured a lot of unique forms of food art on this blog and when I saw Nathan Shield’s pancake art on YouTube, I knew I had to showcase his special talent as well. While pancakes are simply a breakfast food to most people, Nathan manages to turn them into incredible works of art.

Nathan began experimenting with pancake art about three years ago when he created a truck-shaped pancake to entertain his two children, who are now four and six years old. He learned that you could create different shades of brown by cooking sections for longer or shorter periods of time. He recently began to add cocoa powder to the pancake mix to create more variations in color.

You can see how Nathan uses the squirt bottles of pancake mix to create the different colors in this video of primate pancakes.

As a freelance illustrator, art has always been a passion for Nathan. He decided earlier this year to create a YouTube channel to share his pancake art

Nathan explained,

I love to see how things are created, and realized earlier this year that other people might like to see the process as well as the final product. The moment of truth comes when you flip it – it’s hard to predict exactly how it will turn out.”

In addition to creating portraits, Nathan also makes spirograph pancakes.

Out of all of his pancake creations, Nathan’s favorite is the numbat that he created for a series of marsupial shaped pancakes.


Nathan said,

I would encourage any parent to try this with their kids – it’s a fun and creative process to share. If you don’t like how yours turns out, just eat the evidence.”

If you want to see more of Nathan’s pancake art including pancake portraits of Michael Jackson, the Beatles and more check out his YouTube Channel.

How to Make Pancake Art

Want to give it a try yourself? Here is a quick tutorial for a simple design.

Here is a recipe for pancake mix from scratch for making pancake art.

Here is one more of Nathan’s fun pancake creations.

Disney Princess pancake art

Nathan created these Disney princesses from pancakes

Have fun experimenting with your own pancake art.

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  1. Lisa Klender April 17, 2016 at 7:03 am #

    Amazing , fun to watch in action! A true artist! Needs to be on tv !!!!!!!!

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