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colorful candy bowls and plates

Candy Plate Variations

It’s fun and easy to make a peppermint candy plate. Candy plates are a lovely way to add a personal touch to holiday parties and gifts. Over the past few years I’ve shared my own ideas as well as the creations of some of my readers and students. Learn to make your own candy plate […]

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Christmas vegetable candle arrangement

How to Make a Vegetable Candle Arrangement

Here’s a short 1 minute video showing how to make a pretty vegetable candle arrangement. These can serve as a beautiful display on their own or as a centerpiece for a vegetable tray. This idea is great for entertaining during the holidays. Depending on the colors and the arrangement, you can use vegetable candles for Christmas or Hanukkah. […]

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Classic Movie dancemashup - BrunoMars andMark Ronson Uptown Funk

Just a Joyful Dance

What’s this got to do with fruit and vegetable carving? Nothing. Except that I love both carving and dancing. And this is my blog. So, I can publish what I want. (wink and smile). It’s simply fun and joyful. I came across this and thought you might get a smile from it. This video was […]

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ornamental orange peel face

Ornamental Orange Peeling in 1905

One of my blog readers, Brenda Joyce e sent me these old photos of ornamental orange peeling. Although fruit carving has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years in Asia, these are the oldest photos I’ve seen. This article on ornamental orange peeling was published in a 1905 edition of American Home and […]

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