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Soap Carving - carnation bouquet in pot

Soap Carving

If you want to make carvings that don’t get eaten….or that won’t eventually spoil, you can make soap carvings. Using the same techniques and carving knives that are used to carve fruits, you can make beautiful carvings in soap. Take a look at these photos.

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Rose made from citrus peel

Roses made with Citrus Peels

Do you have a lemon, tangerine or orange tree with plentiful fruit? Here’s something fun you can do with them to make your next meal prettier. I was recently given a whole bunch of fresh lemons and tangerines which prompted me to make this quick video showing you an easy way to make roses with […]

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Why Carve Fruit?

People who have yet to be introduced to Fruit Carving may wonder, why carve fruit? Who the heck has time to do that? Many culinary professionals know the value of the WOW factor that fruit carving gives to their clients’ banquets and events. Although many Americans are only familiar with fruit carving as done with […]

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