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Ice carving Walls in Harbin, China

Ice Carving | A Spectacular Event in China

In my last post, a guest blogger wrote about how she saw an ice carving expert in action during her vacation. I thought this was interesting because many chefs who do fruit and vegetable carving also do ice carving. I’ve never tried it myself but the technique and the product are certainly beautiful and fascinating. […]

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Dolphung Ice Carving at Night

Ice Carving Sculptures

Okay, it’s not exactly snowing or icy here in California, but I wanted to share some ice carving pictures with you from one of my readers, Jana Phung. The Art of Ice Carving Did you know that many chefs who do fruit carving also do ice carving? I haven’t tried ice carving myself, so I […]

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Heita with one of his carved vegetable musical instruments

Carved Vegetable Musical Instruments

Playable Carved Vegetable Musical Instruments! No Kidding! This morning, I came across these videos of a fellow playing vegetable musical instruments or various types. It’s amazing. I’ve carved lots of vegetables but this is the first time I’ve seen vegetables carved into playable musical instruments. This first video will show you several instruments made from […]

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Soap Carving - carnation bouquet in pot

Soap Carving

If you want to make carvings that don’t get eaten….or that won’t eventually spoil, you can make soap carvings. Using the same techniques and carving knives that are used to carve fruits, you can make beautiful carvings in soap. Take a look at these photos.

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