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Ornamental Orange Peeling in 1905

One of my blog readers, Brenda Joyce e sent me these old photos of ornamental orange peeling. Although fruit carving has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years in Asia, these are the oldest photos I’ve seen. This article on ornamental orange peeling was published in a 1905 edition of American Home and Garden. 


The original article on ornamental orange peeling as published in 1905. The black and white photos really fall short when compared to today’s color photos, don’t you think?

As the article states, all that is needed to create orange peel art is a sharpened fruit knife and a few toothpicks to hold the designs in place. Creating art using orange peels is a great way for aspiring fruit carvers to give fruit carving a try without having to buy fancy tools. If you enjoy you it, you can move on to more elaborate carvings, such as watermelons.

Here’s a close-up look at a few of the historical ornamental orange peelings:


Ornamental orange peeling created to resemble a person’s face.

Orange carved into the shape of a pig.


A decorative centerpiece made of orange peels.

ornamental orange peeling centerpiece

Another example of a beautiful centerpiece created from oranges.


A towering pyramid of orange peels makes a dramatic centerpiece.

You can get one of my free lessons, in living color, showing how to make a simple orange peel rose by clicking here.

Thank you to Brenda Joyce for bringing these photos to our attention. To see more examples of ornamental orange peelings from 1905, visit The Art of Ornamental Orange Peeling.

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