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Nita’s Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Nita's Thanksgiving CenterpieceHere are photos of the Thanksgiving Centerpiece that I made for my family’s Thanksgiving dinner. I hope that you enjoy seeing these photos.

You can see close ups of these vegetable flowers further down in this article.

Making  a Thanksgiving centerpiece can be a fun family activity.

My family had a small quiet Thanksgiving dinner this year. Only 8 people, which compared to most past Thanksgiving celebrations is VERY small.  I had some fun carving up these vegetable flowers the day before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, my sister arrived early and we spent some time chatting while we assembled this bouquet. She took put together the flowers that are made up of two are more types of vegetables, mixing and matching the centers with the outer petals and skewered them on toothpicks to make a variety of different looking flowers.

You can  learn how to make the chili pepper flowers in my free video lesson.

To see larger images of this Thanksgiving Centerpiece click on the images below.

She handed them to me and I arranged the bouquet. Making a Thanksgiving Centerpiece was was a fun activity for us to do together. Then we all got to enjoy the beauty and the colorfulness of all the carved vegetable flowers that made up this bouquet.

This Thanksgiving Centerpiece idea can be used any time of year.

This same kind of carved vegetable flower bouquet can be used as a centerpiece for any fall or winter event while pumpkins are in season.

Most of the vegetables used in this bouquet are available year round…at least they are here in California. If you make a vegetable arrangement like this during the summer, you can always replace the carved pumpkin with watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe or any other melons that are available. Whether making Thanksgiving centerpiece or a vegetable centerpiece for another occasion, consider this food for thought.

To see what other student and blog readers created for their Thanksgiving Centerpieces, click here.

You can also see some turkeys carved from  pumpkins.

Have fun making your own vegetable bouquets like the one I made for my Thanksgiving Centerpiece.

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