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Rosemary Skewered Mozzarella Appetizers

Eye-Catching and Delicious

marinated mozzarella appetizers

Linda’s marinated mozzarella appetizers are both beautiful and tasty!

Here’s an eye-catching and mouthwatering appetizer that my friend, Linda, made for a casual afternoon birthday party for our FitTap teacher at her home. It’s so pretty, simple and delicious that I had to share it here with you.

rosemary-skewered mozzarella appetizer

Here’s a closer look at her rosemary skewered mozzarella appetizers that were delicious.

How To Make

Linda marinated cubes of mozzarella is a mixture of olive oil, parsley, and 6 seasonings. They were garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, oregano and Italian seasonings. The cheese marinated in the refrigerator overnight. before the party, she topped each mozzarella cube with a sun dried tomato and skewered each with a twig of fresh rosemary. Then, she arranged them on a serving plate along with the marinade. I love how the rosemary sprigs do three things.

  1. They make the whole appetizer plate super pleasing to the eye.
  2. The rosemary serves as toothpicks making it easy to pick up the cheese, and
  3. they add the wonderful, distinctive fragrance of fresh rosemary.

The Mozzarella Appetizers Recipe

You will find the specific recipe that she used at

Check out tomorrow’s blog post to see how Linda simple and beautiful ways that see added eye appeal to her buffet table, dining tables, and cake table.


This plate was lovely from every angle.


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