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Mother’s Day Fruit Carving Ideas

Mother’s Day will be here soon. Flowers have been a long standing popular gift for Mother’s Day.

individual serving fruit bouquet for Mother's Day

Making breakfast or brunch for Mom? Individual serving fruit bouquet would be fun.

Are you looking for something more original? If your mom lives near you, you can present her with something a little different. How about making her a flower bouquet made of fruits or vegetables?

Something Small and Sweet for Mother’s Day

An individual serving of fruit arranged in a small bouquet would be fun, especially if you are serving her breakfast in bed. This square garden fruit bouquet is one of the many projects taught in my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners.

What about a melon carved to look like a bunch of flowers? This watermelon that I carved to look like a bunch of curled petal roses is a pattern that will be taught in one of my upcoming video lessons. The release date is yet to be announced. This watermelon rose bouquet can serve as a decoration and then it can be sliced and served as dessert.

watermelon rose bouquet for Mother's Day

Nita Gill carved this watermelon to look like a bouquet of roses with curled petals.

Looking for a Grander Mother’s Day Display?

Look at what a few fruit and vegetable carvers created for Mother’s Days past years.

Last year, after Mother’s Day, professional ice and fruit carver Greg Butauski sent me this photo of his Mother’s Day carved fruit display. It’s really pretty isn’t it?

Mom fruit carving display by Greg Butauski

Mother’s Day fruit carving display by professional fruit and ice carver, Greg Butauski

Fruit Carving Mother’s Day Display at Disney Resort

Ruben Olano is a professional fruit carver for Disneyland. When we heard from him last year, Disney had stopped adding fruit carving displays to their brunches and other events. But now, Ruben is back happily making carvings for Disney. Here are a few of his photos of carvings for one of Disneyland’s Mother’s Day events.

watermelons carved fro mother's day at Disneyland

Carvings made my Ruben Olano for Disneyland’s Mother’s Day Brunch.


happy Mother's Day in Disney font

Happy Mother’s Day carved in into watermelon using Disney’s recognizable font. Carving by Ruben Olano


Mom carved watermelon

Three letters that say it all. Carved by Ruben Olano for the Disney resort.


Disney carved watermelons

More of Ruben Olano’s watermelon carvings for Disney Resort’s Mother’s Day.

I’ll bet the whole display was even more fantastic once all the food was placed around his lovely carvings. You can see more of Rubens’ Mother’s Day carvings here.

Abby Viera created this watermelon hat that you might have seen previously on my blog. I’m showing it again because she made it for a Mother’s Day event. Cute ideas isn’t it?

Carved fruit hat by Abby Viera

Carved fruit hat by Abby Viera was made for a Mother’s Day event.

This bunch of beet and Turnip roses were one of Rodney Dinkin’s first attempts as carving roses from beets after learning from my Hearts and Roses video lessons. He made this vegetable rose bouquet for Mother’s Day. He did a very good job – especially for his first beet and turnip roses.

You can learn how to carve beet and turnip roses in my Hearts and Roses video lessons.

Bouquet of carved beet and turnip roses

This bouquet made of carved beets and turnips was Rodney Dikin’s first attempt at making carved veggie roses.

If you have not yet seen my free radish bouquet lesson, you can get it right now by signing in for the free lesson at the top of this page. If would be a fun, dramatic and easy bouquet that you could give for Mother’s Day.

Radish Flower Bouquet

When you sign at the top right hand of this page, you will get instant access to a complete step-by-step video showing you exactly how to make this lovely radish flower bouquet centerpiece.

If you want to make a fruit or vegetable bouquet for Mother’s Day, you will find lots of my other blog posts with photos by clicking here.

Here is another idea the Louise Ahmed from the UK sent to me on Facebook. They celebrated Mother’s Day in the UK a bit earlier than we do here in the U.S.

Louise Ahmed's Mother's Day melon carving

Louise Ahmed’s Mother’s Day melon carving

Here is another photo that just came in to me on Facebook from Najwa Dorgali.

we love mom carving

Mother’s day carving by Najwa Dorgalli

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, and whether you want to make a something small and sweet, or a grand Mother’s Day display, I hope you have fun presenting your mom with something special. Happy Mother’s Day!

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