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More Watermelon Cake Ideas

Nitas watermelon cakes

Examples of cakes taught in Nita's Watermelon Cakes video lessons

Look at this beautiful variety of watermelon cakes below! I love seeing how people take an idea and make it their own. I thought you might enjoy seeing these photos, too.

Students and Blog Readers Send in Their Watermelon Cake Photos

About 9 days ago, Mike Ghali ordered my new Watermelon Cakes video lessons and has since carved such a beautiful watermelon cake with roses on top. Isn’t it lovely? Great job Mike!

Here is what Mike wrote in his email to me that included his photo.

Hi Nita,
This is my gift for your birthday.
Thank you so much for the video lessons, they really explain how to do everything right step by step.

watermelon cake with roses on top

Watermelon cake with roses on top that Mike Ghali created after watching Nita's Watermelon Cakes #2 video lessons

Mike, thank you for such a beautiful birthday gift! It makes me happy to see it.

Here is another cake the Mike Ghali carved after watching Watermelon Cakes #1 video lesson. He added rosebuds to the sides of his cake that he learned in my Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves video lesson. It’s a really pretty variation. Mike also carved out each letter so that his watermelon rind letters sit flush in the cake top. Great ideas, Mike.

Watermelon cake by Mike Ghali

Mike Ghali carved the watermelon cake taught in "Watermelon Cakes #1" and then added the rose buds taught in "Carving Watermelons - Roses, Buds and Leaves".

Student Phung Nguyen carved leaves for the side of this beautiful watermelon cake and then topped it with carved strawberry and cantaloupe flowers. You can learn how to carve melon flowers in the “Carving Melon Flowers – Smooth and Jagged Petals” video lessons.

I just practiced carving some fruits and vegtables and try to make a watermelon cake. Nobody in my family and  my friends have birthday this month but that alright I want to try and may be more better for next time. I want to tell you a story. When I bring some stuff I practiced to my school and showed for everybody just like you said I start to hear : ohh…ahh…I just smile and say in my mind” thanks to Nita ,I am so proud about my skill”. You are a good my teacher.”
Carved watermelon cake by Phung Nguyen

Student Phung Nguyen carved leaves on the side of this watermelon cake and topped with carved fruit flowers

Quite a few of my other blog readers have sent me photos of the carved watermelon cakes that they made after viewing  the easy watermelon cake lesson that I posted for free viewing. Take a look at the fun variety of watermelon cakes that they created.

2 watermelon cakes

Two watermelon cakes by Marcos Garcia

Marcos wrote,

IMG_145 is my favorite one the color compliments the cake.”

IMG_145 is the watermelon cake on the left with the honeydew and strawberries on top. I agree with Marcos. I like the colors and way the tips of the strawberries make an appealing pattern and meet in the center. Very pretty.

Watermelon cake by Ernesto Moreno

The top reminds me of the roof of an old fashioned carousel ride. This design could be fun for a circus themed birthday party. Although it is still wonderful for any occasion.

The next cake was made by Ernesto Moreno. he took my basic watermelon carving cake idea and dressed it up in a different way making a design all his own.

It’s fun , isn’t it?

You can see how easily you can make a watermelon cake with many variations by decoration with whatever types of fruit that you have available to you.

You can make your watermelon cakes tall, short, tiered, striped, with swags or without. You can cut slices of fruit with cookie cutters to add around the sides and tops (picture not shown). Think flowers, hearts, stars, circles, bunnies, or any other shaped for which cookie cutters are made.

Watermelon Cake by Mary Grace Geraldoy

Watermelon Cake by Mary Grace Geraldoy

 8/22/2011 Teresita Stafford took the idea taht I mentioned above and made her cake with flowers cut form fruit with cookie cutters. Here is what she had to say,

I DID IT. and everybody was GUUUAAUUU

thank you,


I don’t know what GUUUAAAUUUU means but I take it that it is a good thing. :~)

Watermelon Cake with fruit cut with cookie cutters.

Watermelon Birthday Cake with fruit flowers cut out with cookie cutters by Teresita Stafford

Any flowers carved from fruits and vegetables could be used to top the watermelon cake. The possibilities are endless.

If you haven’t yet viewed the
you can do so by clicking the button below.

learn more about watermelon cakes videosMore Watermelon Cake Ideas

Below are a few more watermelon cake photos that I have been sent. I’m sure I’ll be adding more photos to this soon. If you have photos of your watermelon cake carving that you would like to share, send them to me at photos

Adding more rows of fruit make a larger and more dramatic presentation. Here’s a beautiful watermelon cake by Patricia Alexandre.

Watermelon cake by Patricia Alexandre

Watermelon cake by Patricia Alexandre

Zev Messinger's watermelon cake

Zev Messinger's watermelon cake

Here is another way of making a watermelon cake. Ryan Holladay left the while part of the rind on the sides of his watermelon cake and decorated with flowers cut with cookie cutters from the green part of the rind and topped with cut strawberries.

Ryan Holladay's watermelon cake

Ryan Holladay's watermelon cake

watermelon cake with orange slices

Rachana Gandhi decorated the base of her watermelon cake with slices of oranges

Watermelon Cake by Charu Bhide
Watermelon Cake by Charu Bhide of India
Charu with his watermelon cake

Charu with his watermelon cake

Charo used watermelon balls to decorate her cake (above) . While Vandoria used strawberries in the center of each pineapple and added what looks like chocolate covered strawberries on the top. (You can see anther video lesson from me on how to make a chocolate covered strawberry bouquet in a previous blog post). Vandoria topped it with cut out numbers on skewers.

Vandoria McClain's watermelon cake for her baby brother's birthday

Vandoria McClain's first watermelon cake that she made for her baby brother's birthday.

Here is another watermelon cake idea by Vandoria where she used heart shapes and tuxedo chocolate covered strawberries for a friend’s 61st birthday celebrated during a dinner club.

Watermelon Cake with hearts

Another cake by Vandoria using heart shapes and chocolate covered strawberries.

The watermelon cake below created by Saleem is also decorated with lots of different fruits. Notice the starfruit on top behind the strawberries. Each slice makes a pretty star shape.

Dear Nita,

I did this for an iftar dinner yesterday at my house in KL… the guests were overwhelmed… They couldnt believe it was made with a watermelon………….. malaysia has so many fruits.. so its easy to create lovely decor.

Thank you once again for the free lesson…. I am so proud of my own creation, I would like to dedicate this cake to you with all my love…
God bless you ….

Saleema's watermelon cake with star fruit

Saleem's watermelon cake with sliced starfruit

Teenager Alex happened across my video for watermelon cakes while searching for Origami information and made this lovely cake.

Robert Weil's watermelon cake

Robert Weil's watermelon cake

Multi-layered watermelon cake by Julia Kimball

Multi-layered watermelon cake by Julia Kimball

Watermelon cake made by teenager, Alex
Watermelon cake made by teenager, Alex

Frieda Eberhardt from California sent is the next photo. She reports that her watermelon cake was ‘smilingly’ received by the kiddies.

Frieda's watermelon cake

Frieda Eberhardt's watermelon cake was 'smilingly received by the kiddies'.

You can even tier your carved watermelon cakes and light them from below or inside. If you light your cakes, make sure to use ONLY battery operated lights and NOT ELECTRIC lights. (The combination of watermelon juice and electricity can be VERY dangerous!)

Nita's tiered watermelon cake lit with battery operated lights.

Nita's tiered watermelon cake lit from inside with battery operated lights.

Here is another idea (without a photo) sent in by Shauna Reimer,

Hi Nita,

 I didn’t get to take a picture to show you but I attempted your watermelon cake with a twist.

 The watermelon, when I made the cake part turned out just like yours.  Perfect.  But I then layered it and put slices, thin slices of fruit in between the layers.  Turned out yummy.

 Thank you for sharing your love of fruit and vegetable carving.

 Have a wonderful day today, and thank you again.

Best Regards,


I hope these photos have given you some ideas that you can put to use. To see a few more photos of watermelon cakes check out this previous blog post. There you can also see a short video story about how I discovered the art of fruit carving.

If you’d like to share your watermelon cake photos, send them to me at photos @  Have fun making your watermelon cake!

Learn to carve like a pro

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