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Minion Fruit Tray for Labor Day

Would your grandkids love to see a yellow watermelon made into a Minion cartoon character?

One of my past students made an adorable Minion fruit tray that her grandsons enjoyed seeing. It was part of what she made for her labor day holiday get together.

wateremelon minion fruit tray by Cindy Rozich

Cindy Rozich came up with this clever idea using a yellow flesh watermelon. Isn’t it delightful?

In addition, Cindy carved up a pretty watermelon bowl to hold refreshing fruit salad.

Labor Day watermelon fruit salad by Cindy

Cool refreshing fruit salad is always a welcome addition to any picnic or lunch. It’s even better when served in a fun carving watermelon like this one that Cindy Rozich created.

Labor Day watermelon bowl

Notice how Cindy carve both dark stars on the sight background and light stars on the dark part of the rind.

When you want to carve stars like these, you can use cookie cutters as your guides or you can use our special Pattern Transfer Fabric so that they are super easy to trace. You’ll learn how to carve letters and graphics onto watermelons (and pumpkins) in our video lessons, Carving Letters and Words. You’ll also find our Thai Pro knifes to be super useful for remove the rind.

I hope you’ll find these ideas useful for making your own watermelon Minions and Labor Day carvings. Happy Carving!

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  1. Me akram September 9, 2016 at 9:34 am #

    Wonderful carving with skill creation.

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