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Melon Swans

Melon Swans can be used as beautiful decorations and fruit salad containers for weddings, anniversaries, summer engagement parties and more. They are perfect because swans are recognized as a symbol of love, grace and fidelity. And, many, many styles of melon swans are super easy to make. In this article, you’ll see a variety of melon swans that you can make for your next party.

Melon Swans – Fruit Bowls

Carved melon swans can be used as centerpieces for fruit displays and can be used to hold fruit. Or both!

honeydew melon swans centerpiece for fruit and veggy table

Two graceful honydew swans grace the top of this love;y fruit and vegetable display by a student of our lessons, Gumersido Henandez. That is also a beautiful vegetable and cheese kabob display in the foreground of this photo.

Notice the radish flowers in the cheese kabobs. You can learn how to make a variety of radish flowers in our Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners. These kinds of decorative radish flowers can be made with our U-V cutter tools. And, you can lean how to carve the cantaloupe flower that is between the 2 swans in our video lessons, Melon Carving – Smooth and Jagged Petals.

2 melons swans by Julio DiFilippo

Here are a couple on pretty melon swans that serve as fruit bowls. They were created by student/customer Julio DiFilippo. Or are they Peacocks? Either way, it’s a fun, pretty, edible way to display fruit.

The daisy that you see in the watermelon swan/peacock bowl is taught in our video lessons, Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang.

honeydew melon swan with chocolate strawberries.

Mila Kudin carved a honeydew swan and filled it with beautiful carved watermelon roses and intricately decorated chocolate covered strawberries. Notice the tail feathers that she added in the back of the bird.

honeydew melon swan fruit bowl.

This pretty honeydew swan by Mia Kudin also serves as a fruit bowl. This is not the best quality photo but I’m including is here because I like how the neck and wings are gracefully carved. This might give you a good idea for creating your own melon swan.


Large watermelon swan.

This graceful watermelon swan was carved from a large watermelon by Kentrina Jones.

Large watermelon swan centerpiece on fruit table

Here is how Kentrina’s large watermelon swan looked as the centerpiece for the fancy fruit table. Kentria made this for an outdoor wedding.

simple melon swan

Here is a simple melon swan finished with gracefully draped grapes and surrounded by strawberries. It was created by customer LuAnn Ruwe Hooper

Lovebird Swans

One of the reasons that swans are great for weddings, engagements and anniversaries is because Swans mate for life. Therefore, they serve as a symbol for long, loyal, faithful romantic relationships. The following images will show a few ways to make pairs of swans with one melon.

honeydew swans with intertwined beaks

Customer/student Sue Bettridge carved these melon swans with intertwined beaks from one melon.

2 swans forming a heart

Susie Lombardo carved these 2 swans surrounded by carved watermelon roses. The necks and beaks form a heart shape in the middle.

You can learn how to carve roses into watermelon in our video lessons, Carving Watermelons, Roses, buds and Leaves.

Apparently, this double swan design caught the fancy of two other of our student/ customers who submitted the following photos.

Carved watermelon swans and roses

Here is Vea Ella Gee’s rendition of the dual swans surrounded by carved watermelon roses.

Susan Bettridge's watermelon swans

And this is Susan Bettridge’s version.

WIlma's carved swan.

This swan couple was carved by Wilma Silva.

Multi-Feathered Swan Fruit Carvings

apple swans

This multi-feathers swan made by Jovilyn Cruz dela are easy to make from apples. You can learn how to make apple swans in our video lessons, Hearts and Roses. Jovilyn made this for a wedding shower as a centerpiece.

honeydew swan with added flowers by Susie Lombardo

Susie Lombardo used the same techniques taught in our apple swan lessons and applied them on honeydew. I like how she decorated it with a few more vegetable flowers on top.

Al Kitchen with his honeydew swan.

Customer / Student Al Kitchen also used the apple swan carving techniques to make a pretty honeydew swan surrounded by carved vegetable roses.

Al Kitchen's multi-feathered honeydew swan

Here is a closer look at Al Kitchen’s multi-feathered honeydew swan.

See the vegetable roses on the tray with the swan? You can learn to make vegetable roses like these in our video lessons, Hearts and Roses.

Wedding fruit table with apple swans

Student / customer Patricia Daniels added her apple swans to a fruit table at a wedding.

You can learn to make these multi-feathered swan in our Hearts and Roses video lessons.

By now, I hope that you gotten some good ideas for making your own melon swans. If you want to see more photos of different style swans carved from fruits and vegetables, you see them throughout these posts on our blog.

Happy Carving!

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  1. euan October 12, 2018 at 5:29 am #

    This blog is totally amazing! I had never thought of these awesome fruit sculptures. They are like artistic masterpieces, I’m going to have to learn how to do this!

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