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Melon Carvings – How long will they last?

How long can your melon carvings last?

8 day old melon carvingMelon carvings can often look good for about a week.  They look best the first day. When stored properly they can still look pretty darn good after 1 week. How good your melon carvings will look after a week depends on a few factors.

To retain a fresh look, you will need to store them properly. As melon carvings age, they tend to dry up a bit. You can minimize the drying out of your melon carvings by rinsing or spritzing them with cold water after you are done carving. Then cover with damp paper towels and seal in an airtight bag before storing in the refrigerator.

Some melon carvings last better that others. If you start with a very ripe melon or a melon that is a bit on the mushy side, your melon carving will probably not look too good after the first day or two. You are better off starting with an under ripe melon.

The cleaner your carving work, the better your melon carvings will look as they age.

As melon carvings dry out, the places where you cut become more more visible. For instance, if you cut through the center of a leaf when carving the inner surface, it won’t show when the melon is moist and fresh but when the melon starts losing some of it’s juice, the severed pieces pull away from each other and become more visible. Likewise, if you have extra cuts in the beginning circle, they may not show when the melon is fresh but will when it dries out a bit. Essentially, some of your carving mistakes will show more, once your melon carving is more than one day old.

But still, melon carvings can look great even when they are a week old. Here is a photo of a melon that I carved 8 days ago. It still looks good.

melon carvings - 8 days old

This jagged petaled melon carving is 8 days old

If you want to learn how to carve a melon like this, I’ll be teach how to carve these jagged edged flowers with honeydew in my upcoming Carving of the Month Club. the Carving of the Month Club will pick up where my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners leaves off and will teach Thai style melon carving. You can see some additional melon carvings that may be taught in the Carving of the Month Club. Vote for your favorites. The melon patterns with the most votes will be taught first.

Sometimes, I leave melon carvings in my spare refrigerator in the garage and then forget that they are there. I pulled this one out when it was 4 weeks old. When I unwrapped it, I was surprised to see that it actually still looked pretty good. However, it smelled bad and was starting to grow some sort of mold on one side of the rind but amazingly, the carved fruit still looked surprisingly good for being 28 days old!

Now I am certainly not suggesting that you display or serve stinky 28 day old melon, I just thought it was kind of amazing that it still looked fairly pretty.

I gave it to my teenage sons and his friends and they had a little fun with it.

Now you have some idea of how long you can expect your melon carvings to last.

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