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Melon Bunny Carving for Spring

Melon bunny basket for Spring

A cute melon bunny fruit bowl for your Spring time Celebration

I love to celebrate Spring by making one of my easiest fruit carvings – a melon bunny fruit basket. This is my favorite time of year because everything is fresh and blooming and it really does feel like a new beginning.

Certain fruits start to come in season so it’s a great time to enjoy them and have a little fun by serving them in a melon bunny fruit bowl. Plus, kids will go wild for these melon bunny bowls and the fruit will disappear in no time!

The Melon Bunny Fruit Bowl is Easy to make even if you’re new to Fruit Carving

Making a melon bunny basket adds a big WOW factor but it’s simple to do and takes a minimal amount of time.

Here are some photos of melon bunny carvings sent to me by readers of my blog who are beginner fruit carvers.

This first photos are from Jim Lorenz, a student of my video lessons.

Melon bunny Jim Lorenz

Jim Lorenz’s melon bunny carving

Nicely done Jim – your melon bunny baskets is so cute!

The Melon Bunny Fruit Bowl is a Perfect Addition to Your Spring time Celebration

Melon Bunny Jim Lorenz 2

This melon bunny would really brighten up a Spring time meal

If you celebrate Easter, the melon bunny basket makes a perfect – and healthy – snack after your Easter egg hunt. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, you can still brighten you table and ring in the Spring season with this fruit bowl.

So how can you learn to make a melon bunny fruit bowl? Well, it’s taught in my Melon Bunny and Calla Lilies video lessons on DVD. It’s also taught in Lesson 3 of my Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course 101. This is a great course for beginners who want to learn simple, yet beautiful and elegant fruit and vegetable carvings, centerpieces and bouquets. Feel free to check out my shop to learn more about my video lessons and carving tools.

Jana Bromley sent me this message along with her photos of her first attempt:

Hi Nita,

I attempted the melon bunny basket carving for my niece’s 7th birthday this weekend. I was worried because I didn’t have much time, but it was actually really quick to make! I loved your instructions on your video – so easy to understand.

This is my first attempt. What do you think? My cuts were not as smooth as I would have liked but I’m going to keep practicing. Anyway, everyone at the birthday party loved it! The kids ate all the fruit in no time and I had to keep refilling the basket with more fruit!”

Melon bunny Basket Jana

Jana’s first attempt at carving a melon bunny basket taught in Nita’s video lessons

I think it looks good, especially for a first try. Don’t worry, making those cuts smoother will just come with practice.

This next photo shows Jana’s melon bunny bowl from the back.

melon bunny basket Jana2

Jana added carved fruits to dress up her melon bunny fruit salad

Jana also wrote:

I used cookie cutters to make the little shapes and I used the tools I ordered from you to make the melon balls and the carved lines in the fruit. It was really easy to do with the carving tools. Thanks for all the tips in your video lessons!”

Good job, Jana – I liked the addition of a few carved fruits in the basket. I love the little apple chick. It does dress up the fruit salad, doesn’t it?

Readers get Creative with Their Melon Bunny Carvings!

In the Spirit of welcoming Spring, here are some photos of readers getting creative with their melon bunny carvings.

Jean Geraldo Silva is a professional fruit decorator and it’s not hard to tell by looking at these melon bunny carvings:


Melon bunny Jean Geraldo Silva

Melon bunny display by professional fruit decorator Jean Geraldo Silva

Instead of making a fruit bowl, Jean left the cantaloupes whole and cut a thin slice off the peel to make a belly and eyes for the bunnies.

This next melon bunny is by Marlene Warner, a gold medalist at the Chefs of The Coast Carving Competition in Gulfport Mississippi for three consecutive years in a row!

Melon Bunny Marlene Warner

A melon bunny display by a Carving Competition Gold Medalist, Marlene Warner

Here’s one more display that I have to share. It’s not a melon bunny but how cute is this eggplant and pear kangaroo playing a pineapple drum?

Melon bunny kangaroo Teresita Stafford

A musical kangaroo by Teresita Staffod

Teresita Stafford created her own drum-playing kangaroo with an eggplant body, a pear face with blueberry nose and eyes and carrot arms and tale. I like the drumsticks with olives at the end! Great job and wonderful creativity, Teresita.

Here is one more bunny made by Robert Weil. He fastened together a couple of red bell peppers to look like a bunny. Cut, isn’t it?

red pepper bunny

Red Pepper Bunny by Robert Weil

If you want to see some other table display ideas for Spring, check out these previous blog posts:

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Happy Spring and I hope you enjoy making your melon bunny fruit baskets and creations!

Learn to carve like a pro

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