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Melon Bunny and Ice Bunny Carvings

Ice bunny carving by David Utley

Ice bunny carving by David Utley

Today, I’d like to share with you some photos of cute melon bunny and ice bunny carvings sent it to me recently by professional and amateur fruit carvers and ice carvers.

Melon bunny and ice bunny carvings can be seen at large buffets in famous resorts like Disneyland at any time of the year. Check out these melon bunny and ice bunny carvings by professional artists.

Melon Bunny and Ice Bunny Carvings by Professional Fruit and Ice Carvers

Here are some professional melon bunny and ice bunny carvings that readers have shared with me. I think you will really enjoy them!

This first photo is from professional fruit and ice carver, Greg Butauski.

Melon bunny display by Greg Butauski

Melon bunnies carving display by Greg Butauski

Isn’t it charming? It just feels like Spring time with all the lovely flower carvings.

Greg sent this message along with his melon bunny photo:

Thanks to Nita Gill for sharing those Easter designs. And special thanks to the carver who shared with Nita. I needed a design for Easter for a client and during a super busy week I had no time to come up with something on my own. Thanks for sharing Nita.”

Greg was referring to Jean Geraldo Silva, who is another professional fruit carver. Check out Jean’s melon bunny photo below:

Melon bunny carvings by Jean Geraldo Silva

Greg got his melon bunny display idea from Jean Geraldo Silva, a fellow professional fruit carver

I love how readers can share and get new ideas from seeing the photos on the blog!

This next carving of an ice bunny was done by professional carver, David Utley for Bally’s Casino Hotel:

Ice Bunny Carving David Utley

Ice Bunny carving by David Utley

David got his ice bunny basket idea from an ice carving website. I really like the detailed designs that David carved on the body of ice bunny to make it look soft and cuddly – even though it’s freezing cold!

David is such a talented ice carver. Check out a few of his other creations:

Ice carving of fish by David Utley for melon bunny and ice bunny post

Fish ice carvings by David Utley

Ice carving for melon bunny and ice bunny post by David Utley

Aren’t David’s ice carvings beautiful?

Here’s a unique bunny display by professional carver and painter, Ruben Olano, who works for Disneyland hotels:

This was at an Easter buffet in Disneyland hotels. The bunny is made of banana squash, the flower bases are also banana squash….this is what I used to do in the center of the Grand Ballroom so the guest can watch as part of the Show…”

Melon bunny by Ruben Olano

Butternut squash bunny carving by Ruben Olano

Aren’t those melon bunny and ice bunny carvings creative?

If you’d like to try your hand at an easy melon bunny carving, check out my Melon Bunny and Lilies DVD in my shop. With my step by step method, you’ll learn to make a melon bunny fruit bowl out of honeydew and have people “ooohing” and “aaaahing” in no time!

This is not a Melon Bunny or Ice Bunny Carving but it’s a still a Beautiful Easter carving by a Beginner!

These next photos are not melon bunny or ice bunny carvings, but I wanted to share this carving because it fits in with the Spring and Easter season – and it was made by a beginner!

Rose Flores carved this cross on a watermelon bowl for a for an Easter fruit platter:

Melon cross for melon bunny and ice bunny post by Rose Flores

Rose Flores made a watermelon bowl with a carved cross for her Easter fruit display

Watermelon cross by Rose Flores for melon bunny and ice bunny post

This is a wonderful creation, especially since it was only her second attempt at fruit carving! Rose sent along this message with her photo:

I enjoyed talking to you yesterday afternoon and appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions about the correct knives to use in the watermelon carvings. I am a beginner at fruit and vegetable carvings, but love to be creative in my family holiday platters….I am attaching two pictures of a fruit platter I prepared for Easter this year (2012) which included a carved watermelon bowl. Thanks again…and I am looking forward to getting started on the watermelon roses and buds carvings from your video”.

Thanks for sharing your photos, Rose.

If you’ve been wanting to try fruit and vegetable carving but have said to yourself, “this looks way to hard!”, just know that if you are willing to learn, you can make beautiful carvings even if you are a beginner!

I Hope You Enjoyed the Melon Bunny and Ice Bunny Carvings

If you liked seeing the melon bunny and ice bunny carvings, you will really enjoy some of the photos in my previous blog posts about how to make a melon bunny fruit bowl. You can see some of the great carvings that beginners were able to make using my Melon Bunny and Lilies DVD. If you’d like to learn my easy carving techniques, this DVD can be found on my online shop, on its own or as part of my complete 11 week Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course 101 for beginners.

If you’re more of a fan of the ice bunny carving, check out the amazing ice and snow structures in my previous blog posts about the Harbin Ice Festival in China and the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to browse my blog for more fantastic fruit and ice carving photos. You’ll also find plenty of tips on how to garnish, how to make your own vegetable and fruit carvings, fruit arrangements and edible centerpieces to help you host that perfect dinner party.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed seeing the melon bunny and ice bunny carvings!

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