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Melon Bunny Carving Ideas for Spring and Easter

cantaloupe melon bunny

Cantaloupe bunny by Jean Geraldo Silva

In a recent post, I wrote about Melon Bunny carvings. Since then I have received several more photos of creative carved melon bunnies made my students and blog readers. So, here they are, just in time for Easter.

Maybe their photos will give you some new ideas for your own melon bunny carvings.

Creative and Whimsical Melon Bunny Carvings

I love how some readers have taken the melon bunny idea and ran with it! The melon bunny carving that I teach in my video lesson is great for serving fruit, but you can also use the melon bunny theme as a centerpiece for decorating purposes. (You can see the melon bunny fruit bowl idea further down on this page.)

Long time caterer and professional carver Carl Jones, got creative with his melon bunny carving:

Melon Bunny Kelvin Jacobs

A watermelon bunny by reader Carl Jones

I love Carl’s abstract version of a melon bunny. It’s quite whimsical and really gives the bunny its own personality. If you look closely, you’ll see that Carl used a watermelon rose carving pattern to make the bunny’s eyes. The resulting effect is that the bunny’s eyes look bloodshot and he looks quite angry! Watermelon roses are something I teach in my video lessons as well. Even if you’re a beginner, you can learn to carve watermelon roses in my Carving Watermelons DVD, which can be purchased alone or as lesson 11 of my full Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course 101.

This next photo of a melon bunny was carved for Easter by Kelvin Jacobs:

Easter Melon Bunny

Easter Melon Bunny by Kelvin Jacobs

Charming isn’t it?

One of my readers, Jean Geraldo Silva, is a professional fruit decorator.  Have a look at at Jean’s cantaloupe melon bunny display below:

Melon Bunny Jean Silva

Canteloupe Melon Bunny Display by Jean

The bunnies in the next photo from, Phung Nguyen, are not carved from melon but I enjoyed her originality and wanted to share her creation with you.

Melon bunny Phung

Phung’s bunny carvings made from apples, oranges and potato

Phung used apples, oranges and potato in her carving. She also used cantaloupe peel to make ears for her bunnies. Aren’t they cute?

Melon bunny by Jim Lorenz

Melon bunny Fruit Bowl by student/customer Jim Lorenz

If you haven’t made a melon bunny before and would like to learn how, read on to find out what my video lessons have to offer!

Learn How to Make an Easy Melon Bunny Fruit Bowl from Nita’s Video Lessons

My Melon Bunny and Lilies DVD is available in my shop and will teach you how to make a melon bunny fruit bowl. It’s perfect for serving a fresh fruit salad at a potluck. You can also see the carved Calla Lilies that I teach in this video by clicking this link.

Once you learn my technique for carving a melon bunny, you can still get creative and add your own touch to the melon bunny bowl by adding carved fruits like Phung did in the photo below:

Melon bunny fruit bouquet

Phung made a melon bunny fruit bouquet using techniques taught in Nita’s free radish bouquet lesson

Phung used the radish flower techniques from my free lesson to make her fruit bouquet. You can see more details showing the  how the free radish bouquets lesson morphed into this lovely bunny edible arrangement. You can sign up today to get your free lesson on how to make a radish bouquet and apply these techniques on fruit to make your own edible fruit bouquet!

If you’d like to learn more vegetable and fruit carving ideas for Spring, check out my Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course 101, where you’ll learn to make vegetable calla lilies, flowers, roses and much more!

Surprise Your Friends and Family this Spring and Easter With a Melon Bunny Carving

Canteloupe melon bunny fruit bowlWill you try making a melon bunny carving for your next celebration or special event? You will definitely get a lot of oooohs and aaaahhs and cameras flashing!

If you celebrate Easter, the melon bunny fruit bowl is a great way to balance out all the chocolate bunnies that your family might be enjoying! Besides, It’s so cute and always gets a great reaction from people, young and old!

If you get really creative with your bunny like some of the photos I showed you, I’d love to see it.

Happy Spring! Go ahead and get silly and have fun with your melon bunny carving!

Learn to carve like a pro

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  1. angie April 6, 2012 at 2:07 pm #

    Good JOB

  2. khalida April 6, 2012 at 2:28 pm #

    Hi Nita—-thank you for these cute carving–It seems easy to do, Ihope so-thank you again.

  3. Cheng Kiew April 7, 2012 at 8:35 am #

    Dear Nita,
    Thank you very much indeed for the numerous e-mails I received on Fruits and Vegetables carvings.
    They are indeed awesome and inspiring !!!
    I’ve never tired of admiring them.
    Once again … THANK YOU !!!!!!
    Hope there’s more to come !

    • Nita April 7, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

      Thank you. Stay tuned for more….

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