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Mardi Gras Buffet Displays

Colorful fruit, candy beads, faux jewels, and watermelon carvings can add life and drama to Mardi Gras Buffet Displays. Take a look at what a couple of my customers created for their Mardi Gras events. Their photos may give you some great ideas.

Mardi Gras is the last day before Lent. Therefore the last day of eating rich, sweet and fatty foods before giving up such foods for Lent. Mardi Gras literally translates from French to English as “Fat Tuesday”. Lavish fanciful parades, lots of great food and the throwing of colorful beads go on at many Mardi Gras celebrations around the world. Look below to see some fun Mardi Gras themed fruit displays.

Mardi Gras Buffet Display by Deborah Cheeseman

Deborah Cheeseman is a customer/student of our lessons who is also a professional caterer. Deborah incorporated chocolate masks, chocolate strawberries, and fruit and vegetable carvings into her beautiful Mardi Gras fruit table.

Mardi Gras Buffet Displays by Deborah Cheeseman

Mardi Gras Fruit Display by Deborah Cheeseman featuring a bright purple, yellow and green color theme. Notice how she added strings of beads beneath the watermelon.

Mardi Gras watermelon carving display

Here is a closer look at the centerpiece of Deborah’s buffet display with carved watermelon “vase” and chocolate masks celebrating Mardi Gras. She has added colorful beads to the carved design on the watermelon. The carved honeydew melon in the foreground contains a sweet dip for the fruit.

Mardi Gras Vegetable Bouquet with chocolate masks

Deborah’s white and dark chocolate masks added the Mardi Gras touches to her vegetable bouquet in the watermelon “vase”.

The bouquet above features fruit and vegetable flowers taught in our Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners and in our Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang video lessons.

Mardi Gras fruit platter by Deborah Cheeseman

Mmm Mmm. Deborah made decorated chocolate strawberries to add to a bit of decadence to her artfully arranged Mardi Gras fruit platter

You’ll find my free video instructions showing how to make decorated chocolate strawberries by clicking here.

Mardi Gras watermelon carving

Deborah Cheeseman also carved this watermelon for her daughter’s Mardi Gras twirl competition.

If you want to learn how to carve patterns, letters and words onto watermelons like this one, check out our Carving Letters and Words video lessons by clicking here.

Mardi Gras Carved Melon

Kentrina Jones created this fun Mardi Gras fruit display featuring a watermelon carved like a mask.

Mardi Gras watermelon mask by Kentrina

Kentrina carved this watermelon centerpiece with a Mardi Gras mask theme.

Mardi Gras watermelon mask sideview

This photo shows a side view that allows you to see how Kentrina used the purple, yellow and green color theme in the tall vases, the paper plates, balloons and the mylar table fringe. Mardi Gras beads are strewn at the base of the watermelon.

Carnival Fruit Buffet Table by Kentrina Jones

Kentrina Jones made this beautiful  fruit  display to celebrate a 40th birthday with a Trinidad Carnival theme.

Celebrated the Monday and Tuesday before lent, Carnival is essentially the same celebration as Mardi Gras but with a different name. The origin of the name “Carnival” is believed to be “carne vale”, which means “farewell to meat”, signifying the approaching fast of lent. Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival features Calypso music competitions where musicians use drums, claves, and the steelpan. The street parades are filled with exuberant revelers in elaborate head dresses and masks.

Even though Kentrina Jone’s fruit table did not involve fruit and vegetable carving, I’m showing it here because it’s colorful, creative and fun.

Mardi Gras buffet display by Kentrina

This festive fruit buffet display was created by Kentrina. She used brightly colored candies, colorful “jewels” strewn on the table, as well as fruit shaped like a large feathered head dress. The lights in the center vase and on the table adds drama to the buffet table.

Mardi Gras Fruit Platter by Kentrina

Here’s a closer look at Kentrina’s colorful Mardi Gras fruit centerpiece.

Mardi Gras edible beads

In keeping the the Mardi Gras theme, Kentrina added shiny edible candy “beads” inside the raspberries and scattered about the pineapple.

Kentrina in feathered Mardi Gras headdress

It looks like Kentrina’s customer, Nekeeta’s lovely Mardi Gras feather headpiece was the inspiration for the centerpiece of Kentrina’s fruit display.

Mardi Gras buffet display - candy beads

Kentrina added vases of colorful candy beads topped with colored rock candy

I hope that Deborah and Kentrina’s Mardi Gras buffet displays gave you some ideas for your next party.

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