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Lighted Holiday Dessert Platter

This fun idea for a lighted holiday dessert platter was sent to me by one of my customer/students Sue Bettridge from New South Wales. She made it for her “Kick it up” line dance group Christmas party. It includes cheese cake and chocolate treats as well as unexpected illumination.

Here is how you can make a lighted holiday dessert platter.

1. Place the battery operated lights and cover with a clear platter.

lighted holiday platter by sue bettridge

In this first photo, you can see how Sue wound battery operated Christmas lights on top of a red platter, she then covered those lights with a clear platter that has a very low pedestal base. I looks like the space is about 1/2 thick which leaves just enough room between the red platter and the clear platter for the lights.This keeps the food and the lights mostly separate from each other.

2. Check the lights.

Here’s how they platter with lights looks before adding the desserts.

how the platter and lights look before adding the desserts.

Here you can see how the platter and lights look before adding the desserts. Notice that Sue also wrapped the lights around the outside of the red platter. You can barely see the clear platter above the lights but it’s there.

3. Add the desserts.

Here is Sue’s completed colorful dessert platter.

Sue's lighted holiday dessert platter

Sue’s lighted dessert platter is beautifully colorful, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the photo was taken with a flash that overpowered the Christmas lights. So you’ll have to use your imagination a little to imagine how pretty this looked with the lights. It’s a fun idea isn’t it?

Sue also added a ceramic cowboy boot to go with the Kick it Up line dancing theme. The fiber optic tree in the book was probably also lit up. The flash photography overpowers the Christmas lights and the fiber optic lights so you have to use your imagination a bit to “see” how it looked lit up.

Thanks go out to Sue for sharing her fun idea. If you decide to make a lighted holiday dessert platter, We’d love to see your photos.

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