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Life Size Food Sculptures

Want to see some creative life size food sculptures constructed of fruits and vegetables? Since I shared Ric Testani’s life size watermelon lady in yesterday’s blog post, it seemed fitting to show a couple of other life size food sculptures from past competitions. If you are planned to participate in any competitions, these might give you some good ideas.


Life size scarecrow food sculpture

This life size scarecrow was created by a team of students from Oakland Community College a couple of years back at the Collegiate National Championships in Holland, Michigan. The watermelon body is carved like overalls with a rose where the heart would be. The limbs are made 3 different typed of squash and the head is carved from pumpkin. This scarecrow won first place at the team competition.

Oakland Community College Team that made the life size food sculptures

The  Oakland Community College team from who created the scarecrow sculpture. They named it “If I Only Had a Brain”.

The following year, the team from the Columbus Culinary Institute won first place with this fantastic human sized Cat in the Hat food sculpture.

Cat in the Hat food sculpture

Life size scarecrow food sculpture by the Columbus Culinary Institute Team.

The body was constructed of eggplants with a carved watermelon face.  The hat was thinly sliced sheets of daikon some of which was dyed red. The diakon was wrapped over a chicken wire form shaped like a hat.

Closer look at the Cat in the Hat food sculpture's face.

The face was carved from watermelon.

If you would like to see the apparatus that was used to hold it all together, check out the video on another blog post by clicking here. In the video, you will also see more details of this giant Cat in the Hat vegetable sculpture. When you visit this post, you will also see the second and third place winners of the same competition. If you have any event for which to create a life sized food sculpture, these ideas may come in handy. If you do create one, send us your photos, we’d love to see them.

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