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Lemon Festival in France

Citrus Eifel Tower at Lemon Festival 2012 Have you ever heard of a Lemon Festival in France called “Fete Du Citron”?

Well, you don’t have to be a citrus lover to appreciate the spectacular lemon and orange sculptures displayed at the annual Lemon Festival held in the city of Menton in Southern France.

This unique festival was initially brought to my attention by one of my readers, Panayiota Thoma. I was immediately intrigued by the amazing and massive structures that were built from citrus fruits!

I was recently reminded of the Lemon Festival again by another reader, Anetas Lekas. Tthe Lemon Festival is taking place right now, between February 17th and March 7th, in Menton. I wish I could go there!

So I’d like to invite you along with me to France, if only for a few minutes in our minds!

The Lemon Festival in France is a Major Event that Attracts over 200, 000 Visitors!

Menton is a warm, seaside city that is located along the along the French Riviera. It is nicknamed the “City of Lemons” because its climate is favorable for growing lemons, tangerines and oranges. That’s enough to make me want to visit!

But I would definitely want to be one of the 200, 000 plus visitors who go to Menton for the famous “Fete Du Citron” or Lemon Festival. This usually happens for two weeks at the end of February, when Menton is transformed into a colorful city full of yellow and orange sculptures and displays.

Imagine how exciting this would be with the addition of live music, bands, dancers in lively costumes, parades with citrus decorated floats and nighttime fireworks!

Citrus Lighthouse at Lemon festival 2012

Imagine taking a colorful stroll through Menton during the Lemon Festival

Citrus Church at Lemon Festival 2012

A church in Menton recreated with lemons and oranges


145 Tons of Citrus Transformed into Spectacular Sculptures at the Lemon Festival in France

145 tons of citrus fruits and over 300 professionals is what it takes to make the Lemon Festival come to life in Menton. That’s a lot of lemons and oranges!

This year is the 79th Lemon Festival in Menton and the theme is “Regions of France”. Let’s take a tour!

Here’s a representation of a French castle with lemons and oranges, complete with dueling knights at the front entrance.

Citrus Sculpture of a French castle at Lemon Festival 2012 The next picture shows a citrus display of the entrance into a Metro Station in Paris: Citrus Metro Station at Lemon Festival 2012The stork and house in the next photo symbolize the Eastern region of Alsace:

Alastian house at Lemon Festival 2012

A citrus representation of a typical Alsatian house in France

The Southwestern Region of Bordeaux is depicted through citrus sculptures of a goose and a bottle of wine: Bottle of Wine and Goose at Lemon Festival 2012 In this last photo, the bell tower and the giant symbolize the Northern Region of France. Some sources I read suggest that this could be a representation of a French Prison. Citrus Bell Tower and Giant at Lemon Festival 2012

Check Out the Incredible Citrus Sculptures and Colorful Parade in this Video of the 2012 Lemon Festival in France.

Doesn’t that look fun? Those citrus sculptures are truly awe-inspiring. Imagine how impressive they would be if you were actually there. Maybe someday!

In the meantime, if you’re a fan of food art, check out my blog post on Food Landscapes by Carl Warner. It is a real feast for the eyes!

I hope you enjoyed our tour to the Lemon Festival in Menton!

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3 Responses to Lemon Festival in France

  1. Sue Waterworth September 6, 2014 at 3:39 pm #

    Hi Nita,
    I’ve just been writing a blog post about lemons, and came upon your post. It’s fascinating, and Menton has now gone back onto my bucket list.

    I have put a link to the post in mine, and hope that’s an OK thing to do. If not, I’ll certainly remove it.

    I really enjoy your site, and so far have loved the free lessons. I think I’m ready to start doing the ‘real’ thing soon.

    • Nita Gill September 10, 2014 at 8:00 am #

      Nice article Sue. Thanks for the mention. I love preserved lemons for cooking although I buy mine ready made. I discovered them in a Moroccan food cookbook. Delish.

  2. Sue Waterworth September 6, 2014 at 3:41 pm #

    Sorry, I forgot to include the link to my post.

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