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Latte Art – Portraits in Coffee and Cappuccino

Latte Art by Mike Breach

Latte Art by Mike Breach

Watermelon portraits and pizza portraits, both of which I recently posted about, are interesting forms of food art but I’ve come across yet another remarkable form of food portraits – coffee latte art – where images of people are drawn into lattes and cappuccinos!

Mike Breach, a barista at a Manhattan hotel, began experimenting with creating drawings on the top of lattes while at work. He sketches using a bamboo skewer and the contrast between the dark coffee and light milky foam creates stunning images. However, due to the fickle nature of the foam, the images only last a few minutes. Better snap a photo fast!

See Mike Breach Creating his Latte Art

I stumbled across Mike Breach’s latte art through a Facebook friend. In response to someone commenting on Facebook (amazed that he can do this) Mike Breach wrote’,

“Strange talent right??”

Mike Breach latte art

Some of Mike Breach’s more recognizable coffee portraits include Jimi Hendrix, Nicholas Cage and Quentin Tarantino.

MIke names his coffee portraits

Mike Breach gives some fun names to some of his coffee portraits. This one he dubbed “Quentin Tarinccino”


Jimi hendricks coffee portrait

On Instagram, Mike Breach wrote, “Hendricks was known to put espresso beans under his headband to catch an intense caffeine buzz during live performances.”


 Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones - coffee art.

Latte Art of the character Daenerys Targaryen of the HBO show Game of Thrones. Mike cleverly named it “Game of Foams”.


Another of Mike Breach's coffee portraits - Michael Jackson

“Who’s Bad” Michael Jackson latte art by Mike Breach.


Mike Breach coffee art of Chelsea Clinton

Mike Breach’s coffee latte portraying Chelsea Clinton.

He also sketches fictional characters on the coffees, including Yoda, Harry Potter and Batman.

Yoda - coffee art

Another example of Mike Breach’s coffee portraits. This one is of Yoda and Mike cleverly titled it “Coffee this is, drink it you will.”

One of Mike’s Very First Latte Art Portraits

Here is a look at Mike’s second attempt at etching. he wrote,

“I think I found my calling: drawing silly things really fast.. With espresso.” – Mike Breach

Mike Breach 2nd attempt at coffee art

This was only Mike’s second attempt at making coffee portraits. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Mike’s special talent found a strong following on Instagram, thanks in part to Instagram making him a featured user. As of June 2013, he has 23,035 fans on the site. If you want to see more of Mike Breach’s latte, visit his Instagram page.

One More Type of Latte Portrait.

Here is another type of coffee art that is a portrait made of coffee beans. It’s a portrait of Barista Artist Mike Breach done by the same food artist Domenico Crolla who I featured in a recent blog post with his Pizza Portraits. This coffee bean portrait seems a fitting tribute to the talented barista artist, Mike Breach.

Coffee bean art portrait by Domenico Crolla

Coffee bean art portrait by Domenico Crolla

Mike Breach is a one-of-a-kind artist. If you’d like to see another video showing the pouring and creating of latte art, you can see another article on my blog that shows simpler designs that are much easier to master.

I can teach you how to carve portraits in watermelons and pumpkins. If you want to see more about carving portraits, click here.

I hope that you enjoyed meeting Mike Breach and seeing his wonderful and creative latte art.

Learn to carve like a pro

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  1. Marcy June 4, 2013 at 6:35 pm #

    This is very creative! I did a wedding cake that took all week to make, and in just a few minutes it was demolished by the bride and groom and all the guests! So if we do that, we can make faces in the latte too!

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