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A peek inside Universal Studios Home & Family TV set

My husband and I had a little adventure going to Universal Studios for my appearance on the Home & Family Show on the Hallmark Channel. I find it interesting to see behind the scenes of TV shows and movies. I thought that you might find it interesting to see a little of what I saw behind the scenes.

The House

Universal Studios Home & Family House

This house was built specially for Hallmark’s Home and Family TV Show. The inside is very much like a regular home with different rooms for different segments. It also has a huge backyard. (Huge by Southern California standards.)

Universal Studios Back Lot

It was fun to drive into the back lot of Universal Studios, where the set of the Home & Family TV Show is located. The first thing we saw after passing though the gate security was a large NBC building with Edith Head’s name on it. She was a Hollywood legend who won a record eight Academy Awards for Best Costume Design. Then we passed though an area of sets that looked like old cities. One section of it looked like an old French town. Then we were in an old West Town. We saw the Universal Studios trams running through these streets. I hadn’t realized that the amusement park and the live sets were integrated like that.

Oh the way to the Home & Family set, we drove through part of the Old West Town. The street was lined with current days cars and modular buildings that serve as offices for the show’s producers and staff. You can see short videos of what we saw when you scroll down this page.

The Inside of the House

The set of the show is a very nice looking house that was designed to have a variety of sets that are just like a house. In this video I’ll give you a short tour of what the house set looks like just before the show was to be filmed.

lighting in the Home & FAmily set

All of the lighting is permanently mounted up and out of the way, ready for a shoot at a moment’s notice

The Universal Studios Trams

Each time I stepped out of the house, there were trams going by. Lots of eyes were on me in the hopes of spotting a celebrity. I felt like a tourist, being looked at by tourists. It was kinda funny to me.

After we were done shooting the time lapse footage, I, wanted my photo taken by the show’s sign in front of the house. Trams kept coming by. So just for fun I would wave. Lots of the tram riders would perk up raise their cameras and wave.

Nita Gill in fron to the Home & Family TV show House that serves as the set

Out in front of the house there is what looks like a for sale sign. But it has the show info. The Universal Studios amusement park tram goes by here. This sign identifies the set for the tourists.

My husband later told me that while I was shooting a time lapse video of one of my carvings, and he hung out in the back yard of the house, he did the same thing. The trams came by every few minutes. He noticed all the people craning their necks to see over the fence into the back yard because the tram drivers told them that this is a live set. So he decided to have a little fun. He’d wave to them and instantly, cameras started snapping away and lots of people would excitedly wave back.

We laughed at how the tram passengers were taking photos of us even though we aren’t celebrities.


Universal Studios tram passengers looked over the fence into the back yard of the set hoping to catch a glimpse of celebrities or a live shoot.

An extremely short history of Universal Studios

Universal Studios was originally created in 1915 and was built as sets that were used for making movies. At first it was only silent movies. Later movies and TV shows were shot here.

Then, in 1964 the Universal Studio Tour formally opened, allowing visitors from around the world the rare opportunity to experience movie-making magic first hand. In the years since the first tram drove visitors through the back lot, Universal Studios has become a full fledged amusement park that also has some live sets.

My very amateur home video of the back lot.

If’ you’d like a little peek of a small part of the back lot of Universal Studios, Here’s a little of what we saw while driving to the set.

Here’s a look at a section of the Old West Town just as we arrived at the Home & Family house.

I hope that you have enjoyed this behind the scenes look at the Home & Family Show set and a bit of the back lot at Universal Studios.

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3 Responses to A peek inside Universal Studios Home & Family TV set

  1. dlr August 12, 2015 at 1:22 pm #

    Nita and Hubby….Thanks for taking the time to show us this cool stuff.

  2. marie wright August 6, 2016 at 2:53 pm #

    Thanks for sharing i really enjoyed the video….its so refreshing to listen to u,cant wait to get your videos!!!!!….thanks again

    • Nita Gill August 9, 2016 at 11:55 am #

      I’m glad that you enjoyed the video. I’ll look forward to having you join our video lessons. You’ll find premium lessons in our online shop.

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